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The brand-consumer relationship has been rapidly changing, shifting from brick-and-mortar stores toward the digital e-commerce world. With increasing privacy restrictions, platform changes and people’s desire for more data privacy, the mechanisms of the brand-consumer value exchange have changed as well. 

Brands that have relied on third-party data for digital activities will face increasing challenges as they seek to make connections with their customers. Securing first-party data is more crucial than ever before. 

To help brands succeed in attracting consumers, keeping them engaged and sharing personal data, this tactical guide unpacks how four companies navigated the evolving advertising ecosystem by leveraging first-party data to better connect with their customers. Each example is packed with tips and steps to drive business outcomes in 2022 and beyond.

Download this new report from Meta to learn:

  • How to shift to a personalized, customer-centric strategy at scale, using first-party data
  • How to leverage CRM data to boost loyalty and generate more qualified leads
  • How to use first-party data to inform and adjust targeting
  • What the future of first-party data and the brand-consumer relationship looks like


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