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Deliveroo has partnered with mental health advocacy organization Silver Ribbon Singapore to organize a series of mental wellness workshops aimed at helping its riders stay mentally resilient through the pandemic.

“Riders are at the heart of all that we do and we are deeply committed to enhancing our support, and have partnered with Silver Ribbon to look after their mental wellbeing this month in honor of World Mental Health Day,” said Sarah Tan, general manager, Deliveroo Singapore.

“In these challenging times, we understand the importance of mental health and are delighted that many of our riders found the workshops useful. We are encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive reception and will explore opportunities to turn it into a long-term initiative for our riders.”

Porsche Poh, executive director at Silver Ribbon Singapore, added: “We are very heartened to partner Deliveroo in organizing this series of mental wellness workshops for their riders as their mental wellbeing matters too. It is helpful for them to recognize warning signs, manage their stress, and know where to seek help and cope with their struggles. We hope that more firms will come forward to initiate similar initiatives to build a mentally-friendly and healthy community.”

What is behind the partnership?

  • Conducted on October 21 and 22, the Rider Stress Management workshops covered various topics, including teaching riders about the importance of mental health, identifying stress and burnout, and giving valuable tips and skills on managing stress and challenging situations, as well as avenues for seeking help.

  • Attendees were also encouraged to pose questions on their personal experiences and sought advice on managing future difficulties in their delivery role or personal lives.

Why is it important?

  • According to a recent Deliveroo rider survey, besides earnings (77%), the flexibility to decide when (74%), where (64%) and how long one works for (47%) are the most attractive factors in choosing to become a delivery rider.

  • Close to 30% of Deliveroo riders shared that they ride with Deliveroo to take advantage of upskilling opportunities, insurance, and perks and benefits that the firm provides, which include the mental wellness workshops.

  • A 2021 survey conducted by Cigna’s 360 Wellbeing Survey reported that more than seven in 10 employees (72%) ranked mental health as the most important influence on their health and wellbeing, just ahead of physical health (70%).

  • Deliveroo’s rival Foodpanda also recently partnered with mental health platform Intellect to provide employees with immediate and personalized mental health support, as well as direct access to local mental health experts in their communities.