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Covid-19 vaccination requirements are emerging as a new hiring trend among Singapore businesses.

The share of Singapore job postings requiring vaccination on the jobs portal Indeed on September 30 was 19 times higher than two months earlier. On July 31, only one in 17,000 job postings required vaccinations, but that had increased to one in 900 job postings by the end of September.

“Greater vaccination requirements are a global hiring trend that we have seen across a range of countries. Singapore’s vaccination requirements are relatively low by global standards, but are growing rapidly,” said Callam Pickering, APAC economist at Indeed.

“This indicates strong support for the government’s push for higher vaccination levels among the populace in order to return to endemic levels. This is also reflective of the general business confidence in the republic, with hiring on the rise despite the drastic increase in Covid-19 cases in the past few months.”

What are Indeed’s findings?

  • Throughout September, hiring activity in Singapore continued to surge, reaching a new high.

  • On September 30, Singapore job postings on Indeed were up 68% from their level on February 1 last year, after adjusting for seasonal trends. That compares with +56% a month earlier. 

  • Singapore job postings have exceeded pre-Covid levels since October last year and have continued to improve since May, despite lockdowns that caused the economy to contract. 

  • On September 30, job postings in every occupation category were well above pre-pandemic levels. Leading the way are production roles where postings are 132% higher than their level on February 1 last year. Also doing well are installation & maintenance (+99%), transportation (+96%) and food preparation (+93%).

  • Hiring for tech, engineering and education are also well above the overall rate of hiring. 

  • The recovery in job postings has been slower in areas such as social science & law, community and customer & personal service.