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VCCP has acquired Australian public relations firm Sling & Shot to gain access to the firm’s stable of startups, high-growth tech and challenger brands.

“From the moment we met Vuki [Vujasinovic, founder and chief executive officer of Sling & Stone] and his team, we had so much in common – a challenger mindset, a global ambition and a culture of collaboration and openness,” said Jo Parker, the group chief executive of VCCP Business. ”We are really excited to work with all the Slingers and to build on our shared global vision.”

Vujasinovic added: “We’ve been partnering with innovative and important brands for more than a decade now, playing a key role in their growth. Working with these types of clients is what we’re good at, and what we love doing.

“I’m so happy that we’ve found the perfect growth partner in VCCP Business. We have a shared vision to focus on telling these stories that are reshaping the world around us. Sling & Stone has always been mission-driven and ambitious, and we know our future is going to be even stronger with the smarts and the skills of the VCCP group backing us.”

How will Sling & Stone work with VCCP?

  • Sling & Stone was founded Vujasinovic 11 years ago and specializes in working with startups, unicorns and tech brands, including current clients Twitter, Google, Stripe, Xero and Zip.

  • Sling & Stone will partner with VCCP’s technology agencies Method in North America and Harvard in the UK, as well as with advocacy specialist agency in Evidence.

  • It will grow the group’s technology billings to $50m (£30m), with a 250+ strong team.

Vujasinovic will join The Drum’s APAC publisher Charlotte McEleney on a mergers and acquisitions panel at The Drum’s Agency 4 Growth festival 2021, discussing what buyers want from agencies and how the needs of modern brands are driving these buying trends.