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Reddit has bolstered its offering to advertisers with the release of a new tool that lets brands directly participate in discussions by inserting their messaging under the original post and above the first comment.

Conversation Placement does exactly what it says on the box, ushering in an ability for brands to connect directly with users within conversation threads for the first time, including unique users unreachable elsewhere on the platform.

Reddit’s move comes in a never-ending pursuit of greater engagement, and will work hand in glove with in-feed advertising to reach people and discussions that have the greatest relevancy to their campaigns.

Reddit global executive vice-president and president of advertising, Harold Klaje, said: “Conversation Placement is an opportunity for all Reddit advertisers to drive engagement on the platform, positioning themselves right where people are connecting with one another, in a way they can’t on any other platform.

“We’ve invested a lot in the past year to evolve our product offering to ensure brands can best leverage the power and value of Reddit, and creating opportunities for advertisers to meaningfully engage with users is key to delivering on this.”

Reddit has undertaken beta testing with more than 600 advertising partners over the past year, with participants including HBO Max and experiencing an aggregate 9% increase in click-through rate, a 10% higher conversion rate and 23% lower cost per click when pairing conversation and in-feed placements such as Home, Popular and Community.

Stressing brand safety, Reddit assures that Conversation Placement will be subject to the same contextual intelligence protections as its other ad inventories, something of particular importance to brands wary of Reddit’s reputation as a haven for vaccine misinformation.

The platform has already witnessed an uptick in people discussing housebound hobbies such as cooking and crafts as lockdown boredom mounts.