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Oikos is celebrating the launch of its latest ‘forkable’ yogurt with an ad campaign by Lightning Orchard that sees one woman’s longing for yogurt come to life in her karaoke performance. 

Oikos Blended aims to shake up the yogurt category by featuring a thicker texture and chunks of real fruit. 

In the spot, these desirable qualities are captured in one young woman’s karaoke performance of Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. The campaign carries on from the launch of ‘Forkable’ – a fully-integrated marketing program across TV/FEP, OLV, social, influencer, PR and search, designed to convey the big fruit flavor, creamy texture and desirability of Oikos yogurt. 

Oikos is owned by Danone North America, which currently makes up 32.6% of the yogurt segment, and it based the launch on the insight that millennial Americans are experiencing ‘an emotional disconnect’ with the snack, becoming less interested in yogurt than ever before as dairy-free and plant-based alternatives continue to increase in popularity. 

You can watch the ad in full by clicking on the box below.

: 'Karaoke'

Date: August 2021
Oikos says that its Blended yoghurt is so creamy and delicious, you’ll want to sing about it!
In its latest 30-spot, desire unfolds in the back of a karaoke club to the tune of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game. Where one woman’s longing for a yogurt with real fruit chunks and creamy texture comes to life in her very own version of the iconic song about love and desire. 
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