Friday, August 12, 2022

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    Rekorderlig’s first UK TV ad in four years focuses on pronunciation

    Cider brand Rekorderlig is stoking the thirst of UK television viewers with its first broadcast advertisement in four years.

    Molson Coors is reconnecting the Swedish drinks giant with British audiences by targeting 20-34-year-olds with ‘Refreshingly Swedish’, an attempt to encapsulate the carefree spirit of a northern European summer in just 20 seconds.

    Promoting the Rekorderlig identity through a colorful and energetic piece, the drink’s name is slowly enunciated from a variety of lips while cool young Swedes make the most of a balmy Baltic summer.

    Created by Havas London, the ad positions the brand as a go-to drink for alcoholic refreshment this summer, with emphasis given to its latest additions to the family – Pink Lemon cider and Watermelon-Citrus cider.

    Inviting Brits to enjoy the sun with some Swedish style, the campaign reinforces the authenticity of Rekorderlig, which is still made in Vimmersby using local spring water.

    Rebecca Mutty, Rekorderlig brand manager, said: “Rekorderlig was born to embody the beautiful spirit of Sweden – a laidback yet positive, contemporary and stylish nation known for beautiful simplicity and making the most of the sun all year round. We’re proud to say our ciders are still made in Sweden using the water from a nearby stream to bring that beautifully refreshing spirit we were made to embody to our drinkers in every bottle of Rekorderlig all over the world.

    “This campaign is our first masterbrand campaign in over four years and aims to bring the fun, engaging and beautifully Swedish spirit of Rekorderlig to life and get the name Rekorderlig back on people’s lips this summer.”

    Vicki Maguire, chief creative officer, Havas London, added: “It’s a shamelessly energetic, fun ad, centered around saying a word that has no familiarity in UK pronunciation and delivered with the unique charm of our Swedish friends.”

    Havas London has a long association with Rekorderlig, having previously created a ‘mixed reality’ testing bar for the brand.

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