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Nike has released a short series of films celebrating the hard-won expertise of its in-store staff. Today’s Ad of the Day sees the fitness brand champion a different kind of athlete ambassador.

The latest campaign from Nike sees the sportswear giant celebrate the talents, experience and expertise of its shopfloor staff, with a series of short films that remind viewers their employees are also top athletes in their own right.

Produced by creative agency BMB, ‘Ask our Athletes’ posititions Nike store staff as true experts – reminding customers how much more they’ll get from coming into its physical locations than if they shop online.

The campaign champions seven Nike workers from across the brand’s London branches. Each film explores their lives at work and away, as they tell customers how they bring the experience of training and competing to their work.

The first two ads feature an international sprinter Confidence and Sasha, who loves her time in the gym.


Ben Hutchings, consumer direct marketing marketplace director, said: “This is the first time we have turned the lens inwards. Our Store Athletes are integral to the business but they are also amazing humans, with incredible talents and passion. We wanted to work with BMB to draw out that humanity and show that coming to a Nike store means more than just getting served a shoe in the right size, you get personal experience, passion and genuine love of sport too.” 

Matt Lever, chief creative officer from BMB, said: “Nike stores aren’t staffed by your average retail worker, they’re staffed by athletes – people who love sport and love the brand, and have extensive knowledge of both. We wanted to showcase how their passion influences and informs the experience for every customer.” 

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: 'Ask our athletes'

Date: August 2021
This new campaign celebrates the expertise, lives and passions of the people who work inside Nike’s UK stores.  Seven short films put the spotlight on Nike’s in-store staff, positioning them as athletes in their own right. The campaign introduces the line ‘Ask our Athletes‘ to emphasise that customers get much more than regular service when stepping inside a Nike store – they get the staff’s personal insights, guidance and enthusiastic dedication to sport. 
The campaign celebrates seven Nike Store Athletes from across the brand’s London stores. It shows their lives in and out of store as they tell their stories of how they bring everything they learn from their chosen sports back into the retail arena, where it influences the way they serve customers   
The first two ads to launch feature Confidence – an international sprinter; and Sasha – who loves working out in the gym. In other ads in the series, we also hear from Danny, basketball player who follows his coach’s advice to ‘practice’; Ede, who found a love of exercise through lockdown; Harley, who excels in taekwondo and has extensive sneakers knowledge; Kirsty, a keen weightlifter; and Ben who plays football to a high level. BMB worked with Nike in-house stylists to style the films and used extras from London Basketball Association’s local community basketball programme. 
The main 30-second film, along with shorter cut downs, will appear in social and online, including Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, as well as on The films will be released sequentially through the summer, in an always-on media strategy. 
Brand: Nike 
Campaign Name: Ask our Athletes 
Creative Agency: BMB 
CCO: Matt Lever 
Creative: Jake Haynes 
Head of Strategy: Mel Arrow 
Strategy Director: Alice Chau 
Account Director: Matt Bonny 
Account Manager: Lily Gray 
Creative Producer: Josh Burley 
TV Producer: Clancie Brennan 
Photographer: Tom Hull  
Production Company:  Outsider 
Director:  Tom Day  
Producer:  Jeremy Bannister 
Exec Producer:  Simon Elborne 
DOP:  Miles Ridgway  
Post Production: 
Offline:  Ten Three  
Editor:  Stephen Dunne 
Editor Assistant:  Dave Robinson  
Producer:  Julian Marshall  
Composer/ Producer:  Tommy Evans  
Online :  Bubble TV 
Post Producer:  Alison Wendt 
Colourist:  Marty McMullan 
Sound Design:  James Taylor & Ben Gunstone 
VFX:  Alan Maiden, Jasmine Cooper, Jack Sheldrake 
Tags: UK