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The Ozone Project has launched a proprietary measure of advertising engagement to help measure campaign performance. The Ozone Attention Index was compiled in consultation with over 100 media industry representatives.

The tool is underpinned by four weighted metrics considered important to both advertisers and publishers; active view (dwell time); scroll rate (percentage of impressions); screen real estate (the size of the ad); and the touch rate (where users actively engage with the ad). It is intended to be used alongside clients’ own key performance indicators.

Craig Tuck, chief revenue officer at The Ozone Project, said: “Since Ozone’s inception we have talked proudly about the proven power of premium online environments in helping capture attention for advertisers. That is why we are very excited to be launching this initiative at a time when attention is firmly in the spotlight. 
“While we are very supportive of the huge amount of industry thinking going into cross-media attention currencies and measurements, we believe that this index represents a live and actionable first step towards optimizing digital advertising against indicative measures of greater consumer engagement. Needless to say, we will continue to work with our clients to test, refine and iterate our model to ensure it consistently adds value – alongside their other KPIs – to their campaigns’ success.”

The index has already shown its worth in establishing a correlation between higher scores and greater shifts in brand lift, as measured independently by Brand Metrics.

The Ozone Project has undergone major expansion over the past year, expanding operations three-fold after attracting the backing of the UK’s top publishers.