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After ‘For When It’s Time’ caused a sensation, Wrigley’s Extra Gum has prepared a series of simulations to help people retrain their basic human intersections as part of its ‘Get Your Ding Back’ post-lockdown campaign.

In a style similar to the Pokemon Game Boy glory days, the point and click adventure presents a series of situations that the player must do to re-enter the world as a normal person. 

Wrigley simulation 3

‘In a not-too-distant future... the world will open up,’ that game starts. ‘Humans will return. You’ll be small-talking, hugging, canoodling again. But... do you even remember how to interact with another human being face-to-face? Of course not! You’ve been stuck inside for over a year. You’ve lost your mojo, your spark, your... ding. You know, ding? It’s that inner confidence that allows you to shine in any situation.’

Wrigley simulation 2

Alongside the ability to choose your own character, the simulation includes a number of tasks that the player must complete. The player can move around the apartment to approach glowing items like the TV and the washing basket to see what happens. And Mr Meow the cat is there to give feedback and encouragement. Activities range from putting on jeans to grabbing essentials, before heading out into the world outside.

Back in April, Extra Gum caused a stir when it brought out ‘For When It’s Time’. The funny ad portrays an exaggerated version of the post-lockdown mood, the lighter side of reality and a newfound energy the nation has as it escapes its mundane lockdown captivity.


Created with Energy BBDO, the ad is part of Extra’s ‘Get Your Ding Back’ campaign, encouraging Brits across the nation to get their confidence back and enjoy a more energized 2021, following a tough 2020.