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Identity in the marketing space is a combination of attributes that describe a person or a household. It is built of not only email and other address-level data, but also the signature trail of behaviors that people create as they work, shop, search, commu- nicate and play online. 

For marketers, ROI hinges on identity solutions that create a means to understand consumers — specifically, their customers.

Now, as a companion piece to Acxiom’s and Digiday’s report ‘WTF is identity for marketers in 2021?’, this new infographic unpacks the elements that make up identity and how it works in 2021. From fragmentation to the pursuit of identity solutions it highlights the roles of first-party data, the value exchange and the advertiser’s quest for the identity graph. 

Explore this new infographic to learn more about:

  • Why pursuing identity is challenged by a fragmented ecosystem
  • How identity solutions rely on the exchange of value for data
  • What’s in an identity solution

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