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Built entirely by the Reddit community in collaboration with creative agency Deutsch LA, the three-minute video charts the journey this fan of the Quesalupa (melted cheese, ground beef and salad within a crispy taco shell) went on to obtain their prize.

Centered on the experience of u/tmanowen, the idiosyncratic piece packs a lot in – much like the snack in question – employing a variety of animation styles from 2D to stop motion, showcasing the skills of individuals over many visual mediums.

Narrated by u/tmanowen and with music also composed by a fellow Redditor, the resulting confection illustrates the lengths people will go to sate their hunger.

The story begins back in the mists of 2016 when u/tmanowen was a Taco Bell regular during the hallowed time when the Quesalupa was launched, fueling a passion for the snack until it was suddenly and tragically withdrawn.

Fast forward to 2020 and the object of u/tmanowen’s hunger finally reemerged in Tennessee as part of a trial reintroduction, with our narrator traveling 900 miles to be reunited with the tasty treat.

Moved by the story, Taco Bell is reintroducing the Quesalupa at participating US locations for a limited time, publicizing this fact by sharing the ad on its TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and, of course, Reddit.