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‘The Uncomfortable Truth’ is sex isn’t always that comfortable. The idea that women are wet 24/7 is a product of sexual fantasy, because, in reality, women naturally feel a bit drier for up to two-thirds of their cycle. 

In the next chapter of its ‘Let’s Lube’ campaign, with the insight that seven out of 10 women experience discomfort during sex, Durex is continuing its pledge to tackle misrepresentations of the female sexual experience.

Challenging stereotypes, attitudes and misunderstandings around vaginal dryness and uncomfortable sex, The Uncomfortable Truth presents the misleading depictions of sex that women see in the media, which ultimately lead to a misunderstanding of their sexual experience. 

Created by Havas London, the taboo-breaking creative features everyday stories of female sexual discomfort. It opens at a movie theatre, as an exasperated woman points out that the sex on the screen is far from reality. However, she gets “shh’d” for saying so. 

While attempting to enjoy a steamy shower with her girlfriend, another woman stops for a second to say it’s not always “oohs and ahhs”. And, highlighting the fact that all women get naturally drier, a lady tries to masterbate with some difficulty before turning to lube to get the job done – because ultimately a majority of women say it makes sex feel less uncomfortable. 

The Uncomfortable Truth follows a big year for Durex. In 2020 it positioned itself as an activist against a variety of sexual taboos and stigmas.

Previously a mainstay of cheesy TV ads, inappropriate billboards and celebrity tie-ups, the 91-year-old business overhauled its brand at the start of the year to showcase the positive reality of modern-day sex and called for a ‘new normal’ – long before that phrase found its way into popular discourse.

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: 'The Uncomfortable Truth'

Date: May 2021
Durex has unveiled the latest installment of its long-running ‘Let’s Lube’ campaign to destigmatise female sexual discomfort. 'The Uncomfortable Truth', the follow-up to 2019’s Ladies, 'Let’s Lube' and 2020’s 'Moist', aims to tackle misrepresentations of the female sexual experience and challenge stereotypes, attitudes and misunderstandings around vaginal dryness and uncomfortable sex – highlighting its ubiquity and normalising the use of a simple solution, lubrication.
The Uncomfortable Truth takes on unrealistic and misleading depictions of sex and the female sexual experience in the media, as well as common misconceptions including that sex should naturally feel good every time, women are naturally ‘wet’ 24/7 and that dryness is only ever a symptom of menopause. It also challenges women to be honest with themselves – to admit when sex feels a bit ‘meh’ and, rather than ignore or put up with it, to act on their natural need for a little lube to enjoy better sex. 
At the heart of the campaign, devised by creative agency Havas London, is a playfully knowing, fourth wall-breaking film featuring everyday stories of female sexual discomfort. The spot – which promotes Durex’s Naturals lube range, including a new lubricated condom designed specifically for people with vaginas in mind – ends with another truth: that sex feels better with lube. It urges women to get comfortable with the truth, and to get comfortable with lube. 
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