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As connected TV (CTV) viewership rates continue their steady climb, new opportunities arise for marketers. A Verizon Media deal with Vizio has been announced today, designed to help marketers improve ad targeting and measurement by granting them access to exclusive data on Vizio’s network of smart TV devices. The Drum’s deep dive into the future of TV, we look at what you need to know.

Over the past year, with people across the globe spending more time than ever at home during the pandemic, CTV consumption has boomed. A recent Conviva study found that streaming rates jumped 44% between Q4 of 2019 and Q4 of 2020. And according to The Drum’s research in partnership with YouGov, streaming shows no signs of slowing.

Rising viewership numbers offer marketers more opportunities to reach their target audiences on their smart TVs. A new Verizon Media and Vizio partnership announced today seeks to make the most of these opportunities.

What is the partnership?

  • Smart TV manufacturer Vizio and Verizon Media, Verizon’s programmatic advertising arm and owner of Yahoo, TechCrunch and Engadget, have announced that they have inked a deal, kicking off today, that enables them to provide new CTV and cross-platform advertising offerings.

  • Verizon Media will gain demand-side platform (DSP) access, starting today, to Vizio’s data on viewership from more than 18m Vizio brand smart TVs. Starting in 2022, Verizon Media will have the exclusive rights to this data.

  • The partnership also offers Vizio a number of benefits. Namely, the device manufacturer will have access to Verizon Media’s omnichannel media buying and selling platform and new identity solutions. Vizio can use Verizon Media’s identity graph information and combine it with their own real-time viewership data to offer audience extension campaigns to marketers – allowing them to reach target audiences beyond a given publisher’s platform.

  • With the partnership, the two companies aim to offer marketers better CTV ad targeting, optimization and measurement capabilities.

  • Both companies will have shared visibility into insights on marketing demand and insights regarding cross-platform ad targeting, reach and measurement.

What it means for marketers

  • By combining Verizon Media’s identity graph with proprietary viewership data from Vizio, marketers may be better equipped to target and optimize their CTV and cross-device ads based on unique information about specific consumers and their TV viewing habits.

  • Verizon Media sees 200 billion daily cross-screen signals and Vizio has viewership data for more than 18m smart TVs. Marketers who choose to advertise through the Vizio/Verizon Media partnership could potentially expand their reach.

  • With Vizio’s cross-platform ad targeting platform Household Connect, marketers will be able to expand the reach and frequency of their campaigns not only on TV but across mobile and other screens too.

  • Mike O’Donnell, chief revenue officer of Platform+ at Vizio, said in a statement: “Vizio has built a CTV advertising ecosystem centered around premium partnerships and our direct-to-device offering. Our relationship with Verizon Media will enable us to expand our reach, bridge the gap between TV and mobile, and create more impactful and actionable premium advertising experiences across platforms.”

  • “The evolving TV landscape creates unique opportunities and challenges for our customers,” said Verizon Media’s chief business officer Iván Markman in a statement. “To meet and exceed the needs for growth in this area, we continue to strengthen our unified ad stack, which is an end-to-end, integrated ecosystem that delivers sustainable identity, access to premium inventory and data, and the tools that drive performance and efficiency.”

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