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Sagittarius Agency has been appointed the digital agency of choice by Cooke Optics, the creators of Academy Award-winning cinematography lenses, to deliver a program of digital transformation and compelling content creation.

Based on Sagittarius’s use of strategy, experience, engineering and amazing customer insight, the partnership will support Cooke’s uniqueness, ensuring the company stands out above the competition while remaining relevant to filmmakers now and in the future.

“Cooke Optics is a brand with the perfect mix of vision and heritage, offering a level of experience, precision and craftsmanship unmatched by its peers,” said Ian MacArthur, chief experience officer of Sagittarius. “By understanding and embracing the value that digital can play throughout its business strategy, it will turbocharge engagement while delivering class-leading quality to a fast-evolving industry.

“Cooke lenses have helped create many of the greatest movies of all time, channeling the greatest stories ever told through film and into the hearts of the audience forever. Behind the scenes of this romance is an ambitious brand, longing to expand and inspire its audience through emerging channels and to develop increased satisfaction with its customers on a deeper level.

“At Sagittarius, the digital experience is at the heart of everything we do and with that as our focus and our team of creative thinkers and technology experts, we will help Cooke to reach international markets while creating long term value. It’s an exciting partnership and one I’m incredibly proud to be part of.”

Tim Pugh, chief executive officer at Cooke Optics, added: “Having won our business after a competitive pitch, the technical and creative expertise of Sagittarius is perfectly matched by its passion for Cooke. In working with Sagittarius, we can better represent Cooke to the world – with a clear, recognized premium position, built upon a heritage of quality and craftsmanship, but with a modern look that reinforces the value we bring to our customers.”