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Hybrid events have existed for some time now. The relentless march of digitalization and social media marketing ensured many experiential activations had an element of virtual connection baked into their DNA.

However, as the circumstances have evolved, so has the definition. A hybrid event should merge the elements of live event attendee and virtual audience attendee. Unfortunately, we have seen misrepresentation of the word hybrid around as the current zeitgeist and quite often the moniker is incorrectly heralded for what is a pure digital event. 

For us, ‘the Hybrid Event according to 2Heads’ is a seamless combination of two worlds, the physical and digital simultaneously taking place but blended through a planned and enhanced synergy – looking organic and effortless to our brands’ audiences but strategically layered underneath. And while this all sounds very nice in principle and is nothing new to most of you, how do you achieve that effortless feel? What are the key success factors to a hybrid event to create your event roadmap?

We wanted to know that ourselves, as a result, we ended 2020 with a good hunt through our back catalog of hybrid events with an aim of dissecting them into a whitepaper on what a successful hybrid event looks like. This quickly evolved from reams of analysis into a much easier-to-use field guide built on eight hybrid success factors.

How do we know these eight success factors work? We stress-tested each one against our Airbus Level-Up campaign at Gamescom – nominated for over twenty brand experience awards – and questioned each factor’s relevancy. Was this a truly hybrid factor? Do we have measurable success? Would we incorporate this factor into a 2021 client strategy?

Once the success factors were confirmed, we built the ‘Ahead of the Curve’ field guide around the practical application of each one, going further with tips and tricks for future-proofing. As we plan for months ahead at 2Heads, we thought we’d share that field guide publicly, helping others to protect their brand and budget while still allowing them to engage with audiences in creative, meaningful ways.

Download your free copy of the Ahead of the Curve here and start building your blueprint for a successful hybrid event.

Don’t have time to read the whole thing? Watch the overview video here or dive onto our YouTube channel to watch the individual hybrid factor stings.

Jordan Waid, executive creative director, 2Heads.