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Issues of transparency, ROI and brand reputation have diminished marketers’ faith in the leading social media channels. Today, only 14% of consumers believe the information they read on social media is trustworthy and two-thirds have data privacy concerns. Controversies around hate speech, online bullying, extremist content and fake news have demonstrated time-and-time-again that over-reliance on social platforms to reach customers can be a perilous game for brand marketers.

As a result, many marketers are shifting to a strategy of owning customer journeys and forging meaningful direct-to-consumer relationships that handle data compliantly and are immune to the impacts of the next social media controversy.

To help brand marketers explore their options, Cheetah Digital has published a white paper – Social Media vs The Trust Economy – which is available to download for free. The report, based on original research, explores why trust in social media has plummeted and how marketers can respond in new ways that better balance personalisation and privacy.

The white paper offers unique insights on:

  • What consumers really think about personalised marketing and brand content on social media;
  • How to gather first-party data through interactive experiences;
  • How to develop customer loyalty with contextually relevant messaging.

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