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With a renewed focus on selling direct and increased scrutiny in each marketing pound spent, clients are looking closer to home and gaining efficiencies by refining their on-site user journeys through conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategies before adding new partners to their already saturated media plans.

We have seen a big uptick in the amount of CRO work that we are running at the moment, as brands and organisations look to convert that valuable traffic to deliver a desired outcome, whether that’s signing up people to a newsletter or driving them to make a purchase or donation. The ultimate goal is to increase the value of every website visit.

It’s a fascinating piece of work that requires a high degree of data literacy and also creative capability, as well as the support of the wider teams in the agency. Our data, creative, media and search teams all collaborate to test theories against commercial impact.

Many of the projects that we take on are certainly beautiful and often award-winning sites, but unfortunately not high performing sites. Achieving the correct balance between performance and beauty is the key goal.

Throwing more media spend or doubling down on organic search efforts won’t help a plateauing site performance.

We start in the same place every time. We examine the data integrity of the website to ensure that we completely trust the data we are working with. When we are ‘data confident’ we then enter an intense testing phase, which can run over a fairly short period of time but deliver some helpful insights.

A big part of the approach to CRO is leveraging behavioural biases. Human psychology plays a big part in user journey behaviour and our teams think outside of the box to find small changes that can lead to big improvements.

If your site performance isn’t as award-winning as its design then get in touch or take a look at our approach for some inspiration and ideas.

Jim Hawker is co-founder of Threepipe Reply.