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London-based influencer marketing company Tailify has launched educational platform The Influence Lab which offers bite-sized videos, one-pagers and research papers that delve deep into the science of influence.

Due to go live on Tuesday 26 January, the platform has three courses that are already available on the site under the following headings: ’Key Trends for 2021’, ’How to Become a Category Leader with Luca Tornese’ and ’What is the Influence Economy? With Ian Randolph.’

As a company Tailify believes that most mistakes made in influencer marketing are made because of a lack of understanding – which is why most influencer marketing campaigns fail. People don’t understand influence well enough: where to find it, how it moves, how to get an influencer to drive a certain behaviour or how to quantify the dimensions and the effect of it.

Therefore there’s a real opportunity to better understand the influencer marketing industry. We live in an influence economy, where influence is the real currency for growth. Influence explains most of our human behaviour.

So, if you can understand influence – and how it moves the influence economy – you will understand why people consume certain types of music, podcasts, clothes, make-up and media. For any marketer, this information is essential.

We’ve made it our purpose to solve the biggest problems in influencer marketing by advancing the science of influence. We want to define the rules within the influence economy and lead its emergence. We apply data science and psychology to understand changes and trends within influence, and off the back of this are build innovative products and services to help brands flourish in the influence economy.

Influence Lab is a representation of this progress. It’s where we share our knowledge and the results of our experiments. In addition to having some of the most knowledgeable people within the industry on our team, we’ve invited psychologists, sociologists, data scientists and industry experts to help us advance the science of influence, and define the influence economy.

Influence Lab will look at and provide information around selecting influencers; crafting strategies and measuring performance.

The platform was developed for brands looking to become the next generation of category leaders, by putting influence at the core of their marketing strategy.

Sign up to the Influence Lab here to watch the content, and be notified when new content goes live.

Fredrik Martini Andersson, founder and head of marketing and client success at Tailify.