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2020 was the most unpredictable year for advertising that most of us have ever seen. But with the unpredictability came a lot of innovation and reimagination from brands. 

One thing that we noticed is that brands really adapted how they spoke and connected to their consumers. Advertisements were no longer about purely selling products, but for those brands who did it right, they became about informing people on how to stay safe, or what they are doing to help fight the virus and help communities. Brands took a human approach to reassure people that things would be alright and that their brand would be with them along the way. 

In our latest podcast, Helen Mussard, Marketing & Business Strategy Director at the IAB Europe, and Dominique Blanc, VP Customer Success at S4M, talked about the other major trends they noticed in 2020, as well as what they expect we’ll see in 2021. 

Take a listen here.