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: 'Car-mate'

Date: January 2021
The Suzuki Hybrid Swift is a real crowd pleaser, with a reversing camera, cruise control and fancy smartphone technology all coming as standard.
To illustrate this amazing value, creative agency Iris tapped into the global car-shopping insight that people often turn to a trusted and knowledgeable ‘car-mate’ when buying a car, who helps make sure they’re well prepared and get a good deal when they visit a dealership.
In the 30-second TV spot, an 80's inspired training montage shows the car buyer prepping for his purchase thanks to his trusty ‘car-mate’. Just as he gears up for his big moment of entering the Suzuki dealership to begin his negotiation for a good-deal he discovers that the Suzuki Swift SZ-L already has everything he was looking for. No hard-nosed haggling or ‘car-mate’ required.
The campaign launches on 12 Jan across TV and social. The media is handled by The 7 Stars.
Lead strategic and creative agency – Iris
Executive Creative Director – Grant Hunter
Creative Director – Ross Taylor
Creative Team – David F & Peter C
Strategy Director – Tom Edwards
Group Account Director – Vicky Marlow
Account Manager – Megan Smith
Agency Producers – Holly Duhur, Chess Roberts
Media Agency – The 7 Stars
Production Company – Agile
Director – Fatal Farm
Post Production – The Mill
Audio post production – Grand Central
Designer – Roger Norris
Tags: Europe, TV

: 'Bubly Drops'

Date: January 2021
Two beloved brands in the sparkling water category are joining forces to shake things up and give consumers more ways than ever to enjoy freshly-made flavored sparking water.
Introducing Bubly Drops for SodaStream, a new and exciting way to make Bubly branded sparkling water at home on the SodaStream platform. SodaStream, the convenient, fun and sustainable way to drink more water, grew twice as fast as the small kitchen appliance category in 2020.
The collaboration aligns the ongoing commitments of the two brands to sustainability and single-use plastic reduction. In 2019, bubly announced it would no longer be available in plastic packaging. And now, bubly drops for SodaStream offers consumers another sustainable option for enjoyment, with the ability to create their favorite bubly sparkling water at home. 
Tags: United States

: 'NYT Cooking'

Date: January 2021
The latest campaign from The New York Times highlights how NYT Cooking inspires home cooks to make delicious meals every day.
In 2020, life changed for nearly everyone, creating everyday challenges that The Times helped readers work through. NYT Cooking helped readers find joy in preparing food, in trying new recipes and in conquering (and delighting in) the challenge of cooking with what’s in your pantry. 
With this in mind, the campaign inspires home cooks of every level to make delicious meals every day. 
Tags: United States

: 'First Aid Toolkit'

Date: January 2021
What is the bystander effect? with @drjuliesmith . ##learnontiktok ##firstaid
@firstaidtoolkit How to help if someone is having a severe allergic reaction, with @dr.karanr . ##learnontiktok ##firstaid ? original sound - FirstAidToolKit
How to help someone with a strain or sprain, with @dralexgeorge . ##learnontiktok ##firstaid
@firstaidtoolkit Everyday items that can help in a ##firstaid emergency, with @doctor.emeka . ##learnontiktok ? original sound - FirstAidToolKit
The British Red Cross and four TikTok doctors have launched a first aid channel on TikTok, helping the nation to stay safe this lockdown, as the NHS faces increased pressure from the coronavirus pandemic.
Dr Alex, Dr Julie, Dr Emeka and Dr Karan Raj star in a range of short educational videos on the Red Cross’s ‘First Aid Toolkit’ - a TikTok channel dedicated to helping people learn vital first aid skills.
The charity says learning first aid is more important than ever – for reasons you may not have realised.
As well as providing a worthwhile distraction from the boredom of lockdown, learning a new skill can give a much needed psychological boost. Mastering first aid also helps people feel more in control of their health, at a time of upheaval and uncertainty.
Tags: UK

: 'Help Dad'

Date: January 2021
Oatly, the original Swedish oat drink company, has launched its first UK TV and VOD campaign, plus its biggest ever print, social and digital activation - Help-Dad. With research revealing how middle-aged men are the least likely segment of society to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, the campaign is designed to help teenagers talk to their dads about eating and drinking more sustainably. 
Help Dad kicks off with an ITV Proudly Presents partnership, to premiere two 40-second TVCs. To engage a cross-generational audience, Oatly’s ads run back-to-back during ITV’s primetime The Voice UK, at 9.15pm on Saturday 16 January. 
Developed by Oatly Department of Mind Control and produced by Smuggler, the four TVCs created for the campaign show typically British family settings with narratives that flip the classic ‘teenager vs parent’ relationship on its head. Instead of the parents showing concern at the teens’ behaviour, it’s the youngsters who want to talk to dads about their scary levels of dairy drinking. 
Tags: Europe

: 'Elevate Your Plate'

Date: January 2021
Rice brand Tilda has unveiled a campaign for its steamed rice range, 'Elevate Your Plate'.
The first major above-the-line campaign for the product range, it positions Tilda Steamed rice as an integral part to so many much-loved dishes from around the world – not something made to merely sit on the side.
Devised by creative agency Havas London, it highlights that the range – available in more than 20 different flavors – always delivers the right rice for the right dish, enabling people to explore a multitude of culinary cultures whenever and however they’d like.
Title: Tilda – Elevate Your Plate
Client: Anna Beheshti (Tilda, Head of Marketing), Magdalena Bogusz (Tilda, Marketing Manager)
Creative Agency: Havas London
CCO: Vicki Maguire
Creative Director: Dave Mygind
Creative: Rosie May Bird Smith
Account Manager: Lily Barber
Account Director: Alexandra Webb
Business Director: Kate Woodruff
Agency Producer: Adrianne Godfrey
Head of Production: Patrick Cahill
Strategist: Kerrie Boyes
Media Agency: GoodStuff
Production Company: Merman
Executive Producer: Spencer Dodd
Producer: Amy Appleton
Director: Guy Manwaring
DoP: Alex Barber
Editor: Mark Edinoff at Work Editorial
Title Designer: Josh Toogood
Colourist: Toby Tomkins at Cheat
Lead Flame Artist: Phil Oldham
Flame/Nuke team: Carl Godwin Alvarez & Lucas Warren
Post-production: Absolute Post
Post Producer: Jenna Le Noury
Post Production Assistant: Ava Millard
Sound Designer: Mark Hills at Factory
Tags: UK, Havas London, Havas

: '3 Minute Escapes'

Date: January 2021
One of the many reasons why we love to travel is to get away from the stress of daily life and discover new places. So with the ongoing impact of the pandemic and coinciding with Blue Monday (traditionally the most depressing day of the year), easyJet has launched this campaign to give the public that holiday feeling that they are missing, whilst they wait for their next chance to step onto a plane. It aims to give people a little taster of the escapism they would normally get from a trip away.
Created by VCCP and OMD, this campaign will be a social-first and native content series for IGTV, featuring seven escapes that focus on stunning popular European destinations. From beautiful Greek beaches to the snowy peaks of Austria and the cityscapes of Budapest and Venice, these three minute films will transport the public away from the humdrum of life for a moment of mindfulness during a dreary January.
Four escape films will be released this week, with three more being rolled out the week after.
Tags: UK

: 'Little Angels '

Date: January 2021
Hyundai has launched the latest campaign for the new Hyundai Santa Fe, bringing peace to family travel, created by its newly transformed creative agency, Innocean Australia.
The Santa Fe has long established itself as an award-winning favourite amongst Australian large SUV buyers as an innovative, luxurious family SUV. In a homogenous category from a campaign perspective, Innocean’s strategy was to position the new Santa Fe as the perfect antidote to family chaos, as it has been intelligently designed with today's families in mind. Intuitive design features create an environment that helps resolve family tension, making everyone comfortable and happier when on the road.
The campaign idea, 'Little Angels', was developed from an insight that in the midst of family chaos, parents are striving to achieve their own personal moments of harmony. The campaign sees two bickering siblings instantly transformed into little angels complete with harps, singing Enya’s 80’s classic Orinocco Flow in perfect harmony. The world outside the Santa Fe is populated by a motorcycle courier transformed into a gallant white horseman, a levitating windscreen squeegee lady and a busload of elderly people who join the celestial choir. 
Director of Marketing: Kevin Goult
Product Portfolio Marketing Manager: Helen Gilmartin
Product Marketing Specialist: Lisa Yau
Innocean Australia:
Executive Creative Director: Wes Hawes
Creative Director: Dan O’Connell
Creative Team: Dan O’Connell and V. Wassim Kanaan
Head of Strategy: Karl Bates
Head of CX: Romy Briers
Client Partner: Ian Hartley
Snr Account Director: Vincent Pled 
Account Director: Sarah Gardan 
Director of Integrated Production: Craig Sloane
Integrated Producer: Louis Moore
Snr Integrated Producer: Warrick Nicholson
Finished art/Design Juliana Bacmaga
Digital Production: Amanda Davis
Social Media Manager: Taylah Nilsson
Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: Michael Spiccia
Executive Producer: Kate Gooden
Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro
DOP: Jeremy Rouse
Production Design: Sherree Phillips
Casting: Allison Meadows - Mullinars Casting
Editor: Mark Burnett, The Editors
Colourist: Ben Eagleton
VFX: Fin Design & Effects
Music: Sonar Music
Track: Enya - Orinocco Flow
Music Clearance - Anton Trailer - Trailer Media
Photography: Michael Corridore, Photoplay.
Hearts and Science
Tags: Australia

: 'If The World Can See, The World Can Change'

Date: January 2021
ITV and Uncommon ran a bespoke print ad across all UK nationals on the weekend of 17 January.
The print ad commends the powerful journalism from ITV’s own Robert Moore, whose brave reporting live from the US Capitol, won widespread praise for showing the world the truth amongst the chaos that broke out that day. The print ad leaves us with a poignant message: ‘If the world can see, the world can change.’
Robert Moore, the Washington correspondent for ITV News, went viral and won widespread praise from peers for an extraordinary report following Donald Trump’s supporters as they forced their way into the US Capitol.
Moore was in the thick of the carnage on a historic day in the US capital, surfing the mob wave as it battered down the doors and windows of the Capitol building, and calmly reporting on the events as they unfolded around him. The print ad from Uncommon reads:
On the 6 of January this year, in the corridors of the Capitol, windows were broken.
Doors were smashed. Reporters assaulted. Lives were lost.
‘This is exactly what was feared. But in no way is this a surprise’ says a voice, calm in the chaos.
The voice of ITV News journalist Robert Moore.
And we saw the truth in the Capitol that day, because he did.
If the world can see, the world can change.
Tags: UK

: 'Stop the Squeal '

Date: January 2021
With all eyes on Washington in the run-up to President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, Peta has plastered the district with ads calling for unity—not just across party lines but also across species lines. New pedicab, bike share, and transit shelter ads urge everyone to recognize, respect, and not eat other sentient beings, who also feel fear and pain and value their lives.
Peta believes that because of speciesism there is a misguided belief that despite their extraordinary talents and abilities, other animals are inferior to humans. The organisations states that confining or killing animals for food has led to swine flu, bird flu, and Covid-19, and slaughterhouses have allowed workers to face a practically unchecked spread of the novel coronavirus.
Peta is calling for a vegan revolution that recognizes that no group should be exploited, threatened, or killed because of perceived trivial differences.
Tags: United States

: 'Beats Zodiac'

Date: January 2021
WMcCann and Beats have launched the Beats Zodiac campaign, featuring a film by Aries-born Anitta, content about astrological combinations.
There are 12 new Beats Zodiac with collectible cans, one for each sign of the zodiac and divided into 4 flavors, inspired by the elements: fire, earth, air and water. With a campaign, product development and packaging signed by the WMcCann agency, Beats chose Anitta, head of creation and innovation, to be the star of the first video of this initiative.
11 new films were revealed on Beats' social media channels and on digital media. Each of them portrayed how each sign behaves when partying starring the actors Thiago Martins and Rodrigo Simas, singer Gretchen, Urias, WC on Beat and Xamã; in addition to influencers Bielo, Lais Oliveira, Gabi Lopes, Thais Carla and Tati Zaqui.
Agency: WMcCann
Client: Skol Beats
Product: Beats Zodiac
Campaign name: Beats Zodiac
CCO: Hugo Rodrigues, Kevin Zung and André Marques
Creative Direction: Alexandre Prado
Creation: Letícia Kohanoski, Luana Silva, Patrícia Kano, Rhaissa Bueno, Brenda Bandeira, Mellina Fontoura, Diego Silva, Felipe Araújo, Thiago Alves.
Planning VP: Renata Bokel
Planning: Acauã Bonifácio, Fernando Birche
Attendance: Danilo Ken, Michelle Latessa, Giovana Zanfelicce
Media VP: André França
Media: Maurício Cruz and Roberto Almeida
BI: Fernando Cardoso, Felipe Borges, Inês Carvalho, Marina Monteiro
Content Director: Bruno Érnica
Community Manager: William Ribeiro, Gustavo Braitt
Influencers: Maiara Garbin, Tassiana Cabral
Production VP: Tato Bono
Integrated Production: Cayan Lobo, Gabriela Chineze, Fabiana Diniz, Sasha Vilela
Technology: Marcelo Soares, Victor Hugo Odo
Creative Technology: Victor Hugo Odo, Caio Costa
Producer / Image: Capuri
Director: Breno Moreira
Executive Producers: Thiago Mascarenhas and Eduardo Rezende
Executive Director: Rodrigo Castello
Director of Photography: Fernando Young
Second unit photography: Bernardo Negri
Art Director: Andres Zarza
Coordination assistant: Nathalia Trindade
Editor: Danilo Abraham
Finisher: Vitor Amorim
Color: Studio Feather
Colorist: Ana Escorse
Post-Production: Atom
Technology Producer: Code and Soul
Audio Production: Antfood Music & Sound Design
Music Production Director: Lou Schmidt and Fernando Rojo
Music Production: Lou Schmidt, Fernando Rojo, Luis Bergmann, Pedro Curvello and Vinicius Nunes
Executive Producer: Christiane Rachel and Renato Castro
Coordination: Monique Munhoz
Finishing: Bruno Broaska, Fabian Jorge, Pablo Homen de Mello and Tiago Lins
Projects: Vanessa Motta
Client approval: Gabriela Gallo, Vinicius Viana, Marina Daur
Tags: Brazil

: ' Biden For President'

Date: January 2021
Creative production studio Nice Shoes has announced their creative involvement in Joe Biden’s presidential election campaign.
The studio formed a small, dedicated team of artists and producers to handle post production for the crucial final stretch of the Biden campaign, beginning with a series of films at the Democratic National Convention and continuing right up until Election Day, delivering over 20 spots along with variations and cutdowns. 
The 2020 US presidential election has been an explosive topic of conversation in the media with both Biden and Trump going all out on their content strategies. Unlike many other political races, the two candidates were not only communicating with potential voters, but battling against the onslaught of content from each other and each other's supporters 24 hours a day. 
The Biden campaign required partners who could deliver a high volume of content on fast deadlines in order to be nimble and respond to any topic that came up along the campaign trail almost instantaneously.
Tags: United States

: 'The World Deserves Witnesses'

Date: January 2021
Leica, the legendary German maker of photographic devices, whose roots go back in time of more than 150 years, is celebrating the commitment of photographers who bear witness to the world in a new international advertising campaign whose claim is 'The World Deserves Witnesses'
Through this campaign, the company pays homage to all those who use their Leica camera to document the beauty and poetry of the world. It celebrates those who capture pivotal moments of history, or the fragility of our human condition through their own sensitivity and unique view.
In a time in which the act of taking a picture has become easier than ever, and perhaps too often careless and superficial, this campaign aims to highlight the value of looking at the world in a more meaningful way. Seeing those precious fragments of time in which the elements of the scene compose themselves through the lens and the photographer’s eye is unique and unrepeatable.
To preserve all the integrity and sincerity of these visual testimonials this campaign, created by advertising agency TBWA\Paris, was developed using only existing photographs. No photo was created or staged to suit the communication concept, nothing has been retouched or changed. 
Tags: Europe

: 'Money In Motion'

Date: January 2021
N26, the mobile banking platform has launched its latest US marketing campaign.
The new content series titled 'Money In Motion' profiles award-winning comedian, Jimmy O. Yang, and his experience challenging the old way of doing things, inspired by the features and tools that puts N26 customers in control of their spending. In each episode, Yang demonstrates how N26 can make banking empowering, stress free, and rewarding while injecting humor along the way.
It launches with three 30-second videos across digital and social platforms as well as behind-the-scenes blooper content featuring Yang. The campaign was developed in partnership with ViacomCBS' in-house branded content studio, Velocity, leveraging ViacomCBS' award-winning marketing capabilities and expertise in creative development for Millennial and Gen-Z audiences to drive awareness, brand reinforcement and product adoption for N26 in the US.
Tags: United States, marketing, digital, creative, social, mobile, partnerships, banking, millennials, Viacom, Video Campaign, gen z, campaign