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How does an all-natural energy drink go from a virtually secret pre-workout supplement for professional athletes in NFL, NBA and MLB locker rooms to retail success?

X2 CEO Mark French, UWG Chair and CEO Monique L. Nelson, President, Quad Agency Solutions Eric Ashworth and Vice President, Quad Enterprise Solutions Tiffany Curry join Ad Age President and Publisher Josh Golden to tell the story of how brand and agency pulled off a successful launch by collaborating with an unlikely—but high-profile—partner.

L.A. Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard is undoubtedly one of the top-tier players in the NBA. But unlike other first-name-only giants of the game, Kawhi, who is very selective about how he uses his superstar platform, has chosen to refrain from multi-million-dollar endorsement deals. So when X2 announced that it had signed Leonard both as the face of the brand and as a board member, it was seen not just in the sports world but the advertising world as a huge get.

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