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Welcome to ’A Week in Creative’, a handpicked selection of the most interesting campaigns to come out of The Drum’s Creative Works in the past week. If this list doesn’t quench your creative thirst, then please visit our ’A Week in Creative’ hub.

The Grey Way 

After spending the past few years going back to its Danish roots, back in October Carlsberg made the landmark move to reconfigure its agency roster, placing Grey Europe at the heart of its global strategy. The move retained Fold7 but it would now only work on local UK campaigns, and on DraughtMaster and Carlsberg-owned Kronenbourg 1664 outside of the UK. 

And so, three months down the line, Carlsberg has showcased the first work since the news was announced - a continuation of 'The Danish Way' campaign that was set up by Fold7 back in 2017, that once again returns to Mads Mikkelsen. 

Promoting its alcohol-free Carlsberg 0.0 (to dovetail with 'Dry January') the advert sees Mikkelsen back on his bike, cycling around Copenhagen, enjoying life with clarity - thanks to the no alcohol. 

Backing British Creativity 


Without lowering the tone and referring back to Urban Dictionary entries, the BBC's latest campaign - ’Backing British Creativity’ – uses its famous acronym to show off the breadth of content that makes people return to the BBC time and time again.

Set to the classic track ’Be My Baby’ by the Ronettes, it visits heartthrobs that have blessed its screen, from the Hot Priest from Fleabag to Peaky Blinders’ Thomas Shelby, it shows times the broadcaster has left you speechless, including Sherlock’s ’Reichenbach Fall’ alongside Connell Waldron’s chain, a favourite prop of Normal People fans.

Blue and yellow make green 

Making it clear what it holds dear, Ikea has bypassed the festivities altogether, reallocating its time and ad spend into its sustainability efforts, with help from Mother London.

Perfectly alliterate, ’Fortune Favours the Frugal’ spells out Ikea's commitment to the circular economy, by inspiring people to think differently about the benefits of living a life of moderation over a life of excess. 


The Golden Goobilee 


The 12 days of Christmas have only just elapsed, and Easter is back on the agenda. And 2021 is a big one for Cadbury’s as it celebrates its ’Golden Goobilee’ (the 50th anniversary of its iconic treat, the Creme Egg). 

To celebrate,  Cadbury has revisited its EATertainment VOD platform, promising a season of new content for its egg lovers. Revisiting its ’How Do You Eat Yours’ work, the hero work celebrates the different ways Creme Egg fans have enjoyed their Easter treats, including lickers, dippers, bakers and sharers. 

New year, new you




With Covid-19 a threat, Public Health England (PHE) is inspiring people to get healthier in the UK, to help combat its escalating death toll. Compared to last year, almost half of the population (43%) feel more motivated to make changes to their life in January, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The new year campaign ’Better Health’ aims to encourage the nation to work towards a healthier lifestyle – whether its losing weight, getting more active, looking after their mental wellbeing, or giving up smoking, offering a variety of tools and apps to get them started. 

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