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Thanks to the pandemic, the world of work changed – and there was no uniformity in how we operated. To explore the numerous ways people embraced remote work, The Drum launched Today’s Office earlier this year.

The series took us to some weird and wonderful places and routines, but ultimately displayed that there’s no right way to work. From roving campervans, urban greenhouses, windy beaches, locked-down cities and souped-up garages, productivity found a way when we needed it the most. 

Get comfortable and settle in for some 2021 home working inspiration... we’re probably going to need it after all. 

The Mission’s Cat Davis on her sea view

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Cat Davis of The Mission Group shares what work now looks like since lockdown let her quit the commute and set up shop by the sea. Her four-hour daily commute was wiped out in the space of a week

Iris’s Ian Millner from his makeshift study



For Iris chief Ian Millner, life in lockdown was a bit of a stopgap – not least because he has moved into temporary accommodation while his family home undergoes work. But he found ways to make it work. 

Rankin’s dog walks

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For the British photographer and founder of his eponymous creative agency, Rankin’s working environment didn’t change drastically – only he now works in an office above his studio and misses his team dearly.

Olga de Giovanni on her ‘rustic’ home

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Olga de Giovanni, global PR and communications manager at Ebiquity, transitioned from working out of her London pad to Italy’s Amalfi coast and back again. She explains why she’s been chairing virtual yoga sessions for her friends.

Ogilvy’s Marcos Kotlhar from his Manhattan greenhouse

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Marcos Kotlhar, chief creative officer at Ogilvy, had to get crafty when he was forced to rethink how he worked from home. He improvised an office set-up in the greenhouse he built on his Brooklyn roof terrace, and how he’s in no hurry to return to the way things were pre-coronavirus.

Accenture’s Max Morielli on beach walks

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Max Morielli was appointed Accenture Interactive’s president for Europe in March, so has only ever led his team remotely. He is staying inspired through beach walks, Barolo and motorbiking in the Italian Alps.

Chemistry’s Tim Smith on finding time for work and play

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Chemistry’s Tim Smith works out of Atlanta. He has tried plugging in from his house, his local park and a near-empty office. Lockdown, he says, has also given him more time to spend on his true passion – painting.

Erich & Kallman’s Kate Higgins on RV trips



Kate Higgins, chief growth officer of San Francisco-based independent ad agency Erich & Kallman, is staying sane by literally keeping moving.

Sir Martin Sorrell’s less travel and more dog time

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Famously one of the busiest people in advertising, Sir Martin Sorrell has long led a jet setting lifestyle, travelling the world to meet clients, speak at events and grow his businesses. The S4Capital executive chairman shares how he adapted to pandemic-imposed restrictions.

Berlin Cameron’s Jennifer DaSilva on her coast-to-coast move

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Jennifer DaSilva, president of WPP creative agency Berlin Cameron, takes us through what it’s like to transport her family and her ever-changing home office across the United States.

Charles Van Kirk on his house music

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Composer and audio engineer Charles Van Kirk, who has worked with ESPN, Sony and Google, has embraced the limitations of lockdown, including creating a track purely from household items.

Ebiquity’s Debbie Morrison from a self-sufficient Devon set-up

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Ebiquity’s managing director of global partnerships Debbie Morrison has a dreamy Devon set-up and tells us what she misses most about the office while explaining how she’s become green-fingered in lockdown.