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ITP, Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention, is a feature in Safari that prevents a website from tracking its visitors around the web. Cookies can now be deleted in as little as one day, which makes it impossible to track the user journey of someone who uses Safari as their browser. For more information on what ITP is, read this blog

What impact does this have for marketers? 

The main problem ITP poses for marketers is that it prevents them from effectively attributing the customer journey for Safari users. Although the number of Safari users is much smaller than those using Chrome, this can still have a significant impact on your data and you should avoid reading related metrics at face value as it can mean your digital strategy is misinformed. 

Has ITP been affecting the accuracy of your reporting?  

Find out how cookie restrictions and ITP are impacting your Google Analytics data.  We have created a Data Studio dashboard that can be connected to your own Google Analytics to help you identify what proportion of your website visitors are impacted by ITP. This allows you to understand where your data may be wrong. Download your free Data Studio dashboard