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Watch live on Tuesday, Dec. 15 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern and join the conversation on Facebook, Periscope, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Marketing today is in a constant state of flux. While many of the trends affecting the industry were well under way at the beginning of the year, the disruption caused by the pandemic hurried along the progression of those changes from evolution to revolution. CMOs and their departments are under increasing pressure to show their contribution to the bottom line and justify their marketing spend. 

Join Ad Age President and Publisher Josh Golden for a freewheeling, in-depth conversation with Neustar Product Marketing Director Allyson Dietz and WarnerMedia SVP, Ad Sales Research, Beth Rockwood about the future of measurement and how marketers can strike the right balance between short-term, revenue-generating objectives and long-term, brand-building objectives to sustain growth and unlock the full value of their marketing investments.