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The 2020 holiday season will be one like we’ve never seen. So, where does a marketer even begin?

This year, e-commerce will go from a holiday convenience to a holiday necessity. 70 percent of consumers plan to do more of their holiday shopping online than ever before. But if we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that change can happen quickly and marketers have to stay nimble. That’s why digital shopping platforms and the customer insights they reveal provide a massive opportunity for brands this holiday season. Join us as we discuss the results of an insightful new holiday shopper study from eBay Ads.

You’ll learn how and why leading marketers are:

  1. Taking cues from consumers and offering direct messaging options for shopping
  2. Leaning into first-party shopping data to discover new trends as they’re happening
  3. Asking more of media partners to ensure real-time campaign activation



  • Scott Kelliher, Head of eBay Ads U.S.
  • Josh Golden, President and Publisher, Ad Age