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The changing role of CMOs

  • Successful chief marketing officers in 2021 will be those who reinvent themselves, their teams and marketing itself, according to Forrester.

  • The market research firm anticipates CMOs will be forced to devise new commercial and delivery models to cope with new market circumstances, getting their hands dirty with their teams.

  • CMOs will assume full control of the customer journey with consumers becoming central to all leadership, strategy and operational decisions.

  • As a consequence, Forrester predicts that spend on loyalty and retention marketing will jump by 30% over 2021.

  • As part of this change, CMOs who haven’t yet integrated marketing and customer experiences will do so over the coming months, ending the segregation of acquisition and post-purchase contacts.

  • 49% of European managers anticipate the post-pandemic landscape will mean more employees work remotely, across borders – bringing new challenges.


The CIO role will grow in importance for brands

  • The coming year will see 30% of businesses continue to increase spending on cloud, security and risk, networks, and remote working to secure a competitive advantage.

  • Forrester further expects chief information officers (CIOs) will serve on the frontline of cloud-first and platform strategies to ensure maximum speed and adaptivity.

  • Grilling individual CIOs, Forrester found a greater willingness to collaborate across organisations, objectives, budgets and extending IT-business partnerships.

  • Highlighting the changes being wrought by the pandemic Laura Koetzle, vice-president and group director at Forrester commented: “The shift to remote work, standing up e-commerce platforms to sell online, and organising events virtually to stay connected are just some examples of pivots that European organisations had to make quickly.“

  • Looking ahead Koetzle warns: “In 2021, firms will need to be adaptive, creative, and resilient, with our Predictions indicating a trend toward technology acceleration.”