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The death of live events. Footfall in freefall. Retail’s reckoning…

These are the sorts of headlines dominating the media at the moment. But not here at The Drum, because while others are reporting on the death of venues, we are going to be opening one.

Yes, you read that right. Our team have spent the lockdown devising and building The Drum Labs, our new three-storey home in the heart of London’s Shoreditch. It will house our legendary pop-up bar, The Drum Arms, along with an innovation showroom, live broadcast studio and exhibition space.

But there’s even more than that because we haven’t been working on this project alone. Our founding partner, SharpEnd, has teamed up with Capgemini to create the store of the future on the ground floor.

Their CornerShop has been specially designed as the retail experience for the ‘new normal’. Offering a cacophony of connected technology, the curated space will give brands an opportunity to test out contactless products and connected packaging, all appropriately socially distanced. There are plans for a self-pouring coffee cart, QR code enabled chilled drinks cabinet and virtual ‘try-on’ mirrors.

So what will this space actually look like and why are we doing this now? Watch our video above to get a tour of the venue with the architects of the project.