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McDonald’s collab

McDonald’s released another celebrity-themed value meal, this time in connection with global Reggaeton phenom J Balvin. The restaurant chain saw a run on Quarter Pounders last month when it marketed a meal deal with Travis Scott. It figured why not keep the hits coming?

J Balvin’s preferred order is a Big Mac, hold the pickles, and it comes with a free Oreo McFlurry. The collab meals lend instant buzz, reports Ad Age’s retail reporter Jessica Wohl. “Promoting a meal with the hit Colombian Reggaeton singer gives McDonald’s a fresh way to get people excited about its brand and potentially garner followers of its own from among the millions of J Balvin fans,” Wohl writes. “As McDonald’s notes, the 35-year-old singer has sold more than 35 million records worldwide. The meal quickly generated buzz for McDonald’s ... Complex and Hypebeast posted interviews with J Balvin promoting the meal.”