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Twitch is eyeing a potentially lucrative new revenue stream by ’experimenting’ with the display of adverts mid-stream to some non-subscribers. The commercials run across both affiliate and partner channels, with creators receiving their share of revenues. 

What is Twitch testing? 

  • Picture-in-picture viewing for all channels is enabled to minimise viewer disruption as far as possible.

  • Twitch and channel subscribers will be spared the inconvenience completely.

  • The live gaming service is no stranger to mid-roll ads, but these have historically sat outside its direct control and been implemented by players themselves.

  • Instead, Twitch sets out its own ground rules such as informing viewers in advance of when an advert is incoming to head off any potential irritation.

  • At present, Twitch ad revenues are comparatively low, with affiliates earning a flat rate of $3.50 per 1,000 views.


Why should agencies and brands care?

  • Twitch has exploded in popularity, with 3.8 million streamers broadcasting on the service in February alone.

  • These streams drew an impressive 15 million daily viewers, with the number of monthly users pegged at 140 million.

  • Lockdown has added further fuel to the fire, with a housebound public increasingly turning to online video and gaming to pass the time.

  • Seeking to capitalise on this mounting presence, Amazon has already begun enabling brands to buy into this audience by offering Twitch inventory on its own advertising platform.