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Why aren’t marketing and comms aligned?

  • Insights were gleaned from a survey of 150 brand leaders, together with a dozen in-depth interviews with top execs from the likes of IBM ad Nokia.

  • Among marketers, the blame is laid squarely on the emergence of functional silos, with 55% of respondents attributing the disconnect to poor communication.

  • Other factors thought to play a role are different key performance indicators and objectives, as well as problematic reporting lines, with both issues raised by 41% of respondents.

  • Interestingly, comms leaders tell a different story, citing budget and the means to knit marketing and their roles closer together, as the main challenge.

  • At present, financial resources are skewed heavily in favour of marketing courtesy of their tangible impact on revenue. 

  • This focus on the bottom line is reflected in the metrics cited by marketers as being important to their role, which is dominated by sales leads and revenue contributions.

  • By contrast, the top metric among comms teams was awareness.


How can marketers bridge the gap with PR teams?

  • The CMO Council's top recommendations include the creation of cross-functional team meetings. This was recommended by 77% of respondents.

  • The report also calls for integrated campaigns (63%) and the introduction of shared goals and metrics (57%).