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Pharma fresh

Madison Avenue creatives typically scoff at the boring ads that come from Big Pharma, but it’s looking pretty sexy right about now. Agency talent is flocking to pharmaceutical accounts as the sector has been one of the most resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic, reports Ad Age’s Lindsay Rittenhouse.

In recent months, agency staff may have even noticed more co-workers jumping at the chance to take pharmaceutical assignments. Forums like Fishbowl are filled with such talk. “It probably feels very frustrating to see a lot of your mentees and even colleagues go over to pharma during this dry spell. Especially knowing what may be waiting for them creatively,” one Saatchi & Saatchi employee said. “But here’s what’s also waiting for them: a shit ton of cash, the opportunity to provide for their family, less ego and less pressure to be ‘always on.’”