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Entertainment marketers around the world are confident about the entertainment industry’s ability to rebound from the economic fallout caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a survey conducted by Branded.

In a poll of 60 marketers from the entertainment industry, 70% said they feel the perennial effects of Covid-19 will only last between one and two years, with just 17% feeling it will last two to five years.

23% of respondents described their business as in a current state of decline and 58% feel confident in the performance of the sector over the next six months.

What does the survey reveal?

• Small businesses (annual turnover of $1m or less) feel significantly more bullish on their future market performance than large businesses ($6m turnover or greater).

• Many respondents reported a recent deterioration in mental health, with more than a third stating an overall decline in the last six months. However, two-thirds of respondents report good levels of mental wellbeing currently.

• In recent months, marketers are more mindful about wellbeing and purpose-aligned business practices. This corresponds with another finding from the survey, demonstrating that work-life balance ranks top place in marketers’ priorities – more than career development or salary.

• When asked what else matters in terms of their career, marketers felt strongly about creating a meaningful impact on society, creative stimulation and the health and wellbeing of their network.