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Welcome to Socially Challenged, in association with The Drum Awards for Social Media, a weekly series featuring some of the brightest minds in the industry offering their advice to brands and social media managers on how best to build an engaged audience.

The first episode features Lisa Hale, head of social media for Specsavers who returns this year as one of the jurors for the awards.

In this installment, Hale offers her take on audience building through social media, how to decide which platforms to choose to focus that audience engagement, what a brand should do when it faces a backlash and her own expecations of this year‘s entries to the awards. 

Future episodes of Socially Challenged will feature interviews with renowned consultant Matt Navarra of Specsavers and Tim Armoo, chief executive of FanBytes, among other jurors for this year's awards.

For more information on The Drum Awards for Social Media, see the official website including the list of this year's jurors. Deadline for entry is 10 September.