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: 'Find a Greener Rhythm '

Date: August 2020
'Find a Greener Rhythm' is Virtue's first spot for Ikea since being tasked with leading the creative output for the Swedish retailer.
Directed remotely during lockdown, the ad encapsulates the interdependency between families and their homes. And it doesn’t shy away from lockdown. Instead, it seeks inspiration – a subtle ode to the new normal – showcasing how Ikea’s products can help create wellbeing at home.
There is an emphasis on the sustainability of Ikea’s products through the spot, which pinpoints ways people can improve the way they live.
Tags: Europe

: 'Quality Education'

Date: August 2020
Creative agency, Emotive, and Good Oil Films, has partnered with YouTube and the United Nations to raise awareness around the importance of quality education, which forms part of the UN’s Global Goals for sustainable development.
The sequential stories, made exclusively for YouTube via its video ad sequencing tool, are designed to spark a conversation around a largely unknown problem in Australia – illiteracy.
In tackling the brief, Emotive discovered something alarming: that over half a million Australians between the ages of 15 and 85 are illiterate. It was a shocking reminder that despite how far we’ve come as a country, education is something we should never take for granted. 
Creative Agency: Emotive
Group Creative Director - Ben Clare
Managing Partner and Head of Strategy - Michael Hogg
Designer - Alex King
Business Director - Sarah Clifton
Head of Distribution - Jamie Crick
CEO - Simon Joyce
Production Company: Good Oil
Director - Michelle Savill
Producer – Amanda Yu
Executive Producer - Andrew McLean
Executive Producer - Sam Long
D.O.P – Jason White
Editor - Dan Kircher
Production Designer – Cherith Crozier
Post Production: Blockhead
Music: Cam Ballantyne
Tags: Australia, education, Globalgoals

: 'Irish Lady Products'

Date: August 2020
In response to Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland’s recent decision to pull Tampax’s ‘Tampons & Tea’ advert from Irish television, TBWA\Dublin has created its own brand of ‘Irish Lady Products’, in light of the complaints made by members of the public.
The Tampax ad, which features a talk show host giving instructions on the correct way to insert a tampon, received 84 complaints. As a result, the ASAI pulled the advert on the grounds it had caused ‘widespread offence’.
TBWA\Dublin’s response advert for ‘Irish Lady Products’ features a parody tampon pack with warnings that the product may cause ‘pearl clutching and disapproving glances’. The idea came from a frank video chat discussion among staff about the ASAI decision and what it says about the treatment and censorship of women in Ireland.
Agency: TBWA\Dublin
Senior Account Manager: Aoife McCarthy
Creative Directors: Dillon Elliott & Clayton Homer
Art Director: Conor Marron
Copywriters: Matthew Moss, Blaise Hoban, Kerry Mahony
Social Media & Content Specialist: Amy Tumelty
Motion Graphics Designer: Mark Murray
Tags: Ireland, Parody, comedy

: 'Shot on iPhone'

Date: August 2020
A journey through cinema history is reimagined for the vertical screen in Damien Chazelle’s “The Stunt Double,” a short film Shot on iPhone 11 Pro. 
Tags: World

: 'This Is It'

Date: August 2020
The latest spot for the UK’s biggest property website Rightmove, entitled ‘This is it’, takes viewers on a journey of the memories a couple could have if they find their new home.
Continuing the “Find Your Happy” campaign, the ad sees a couple imagining what a new home could make possible, before turning to each other as if to say “This is it”.
The ad then rewinds to the moment they find the property on Rightmove, as they click to start their journey.
Britain is moving, but in an effort to ‘time the market’ some people wait for the ‘perfect time’ wracked by indecision – letting uncertainty get in the way of important personal milestones.
Client: Rightmove
Head of Marketing: Iain Kennedy
Agency: Fold7
CCO: Ryan Newey
Creative Team: Verity Fine Hosken & Ryan Newey
Producer: Max Di Nunno
Strategy Director: Yelena Gaufman
Head of Account Management: Sarah Kay
Account Management: Tim Abayomi-Cole
Prod Co: Pulse Films
Director: D.A.R.Y.L Producer: John Bannister DOP: Ben Fordesman
Offline Editing: Tenthree Offline Editor: Billy Meade Edit Producer: Ed Hoadley
Edit Assist: Blaine Pearson
Post-Production: Black Kite Studios Post-Producer: Amy Richardson
Colourist: George K
Audio Post-Production: Wave Studios Sound Engineer: Ed Downham
Sound Producer: Beth Tomblin
Tags: UK

: 'Power to Every You'

Date: August 2020
And Rising’s first campaign for Sweaty Betty captures the joy of the product experience - the fabrics, patterns, fit and the empowering feeling you get when wearing them - translating that brand love to women everywhere.
The spot was directed by Fenn O’Meally, Smuggler, and features model and Pilates and wellness coach Isa-Welly Locoh-Donou.
Agency: And Rising
Media: Finecast
Production Company: Smuggler London
Director: Fenn O’Meally
MD: Fergus Brown
Exec Producer: Elizabeth Doonan
Producer: Daisy Mostyn
Choreographer: Holly Blakey
DoP: Matthew J Smith
Production Designer: Scarlett Winter
Edit House: Stich/Homespun
Editor: Sam Allen
Edit Producer/Managing Director: Angela Hart
Music: Theodore
Music Supervisor: Oliver White
Composer: Aaron Williams
Sound Mix: Pitch & Sync Studios
Sound Producer: Francesca Briginshaw
Engineer: Jay Thomas Heigl
Post Production Company: Electric Theatre Collective
Producer: Jessica Easton
2D: Giles Cheetham
Colour: Luke Morrison
Tags: UK, fashion, fitness, TV campaign, product experience, DTC, Scale-up

: 'The Worst of Burger King'

Date: August 2020
David São Paulo's latest work for Burger King celebrates 70% off the chain's late night delivery service by showcasing the worst that sitting-in has to offer.
Featuring real-life escapades from Burger King's own restaurants, the work pays homage to the best and worst things you might see at the end of a big night. 
Tags: Brazil

: 'Bish Bash Bosh'

Date: August 2020
Lifebuoy, the world’s number one hygiene soap brand, returns to the UK with the aim of changing hand hygiene habits across the nation.
The impactful campaign communicates the importance of good handwashing habits to help reduce the spread of infection. 
Through the Bish Bash Bosh campaign, Lifebuoy wants to raise awareness of the importance of hand hygiene through its above-the-line and in-store activations, as well as supporting behavioural changes across the UKI.  The brand also aims to support behaviour change at grass roots level by embedding good hand hygiene practices with school-age children and the most vulnerable groups in society.
Tags: UK

: 'Freaking Romance'

Date: August 2020
Webtoon has joined forces with Fred & Farid Los Angeles to take awareness of the service to new heights within the US.
In the process of diving into the webcomics, the agency realized Webtoon’s stories have the power to keep people glued to their screen.
During the quarantine  Fred & Farid Los Angeles and the production company, Ways & Means, created a quarantine-adapted virtual “set” and “video village” which allowed clients, agency, crew, and talent to stay in constant communication throughout the whole process – from PPM to filming.
Agency: Fred & Farid Los Angeles
Title of ad: “Quarantine Series: Freaking Romance”
CEO: Ken Kim
Head of Marketing: Philip Ser
David Lee: Head of Content
Marketing: Erica Kim
Marketing: Crystal Chan
Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid
Creative Director: Chelsea Steiger
Writer: Hilary Smith
Art Director: Jocelyn Lam
Business Director: Nathan Smith
Agency Executive Producer: Amanda Van Caneghem
Agency Integrated Producer: Andy Caramanzana
Business Affairs: Jesse Sinkiewicz
Production Company: Ways & Means
Executive Producers: Lana Kim, Jett Steiger
Head of Production: Lauren Skillen
Director / DP: Kevin Phillips
Producer: Brandon Robinson
1st Assistant Director: Chad Nicholson
1st Assistant Camera: Matthew Sanderson
Remote Technical Supervisor: Dan Skinner
Production Designer: Ashley Fenton
Location Sound: Colin Alexander
Script Supervisor: Martha Dame Cary
Talent Support: Sharif Shawkat
Editor: Sean Leonard 
Color: Arsenal Creative
Colorist: Derek Hansen
Sound Design: Colin Alexander
Composer: Ali Helnwein
VFX: Stephen Pagano
Place of the shoot: Los Angeles (In the Talent’s home)
Tags: United States

: 'What We Do Next'

Date: August 2020
Saatchi & Saatchi London is behind a new creative campaign for Deutsche Telekom starring five-time Grammy award-winner Billie Eilish. #WHATWEDONEXT shines a light on Gen Z tech positivity with a universal message of digital optimism.
The campaign breaks internationally in line with UN International Youth Day, demonstrating the power and potential of youth in creating a better future. At its heart is a two-minute film building into a wide reaching digital and social campaign, featuring Billie Eilish and a host of inspirational Gen Z contributors with real stories to tell. 
In the film (footage shot pre Covid-19), Gen Z turn the negative perception of their tech usage on its head, showing how connected technology is actually a powerful tool to affect the things they really care about, from campaigning for the climate and human rights, to creativity and even cyber security.
Deutsche Telekom
Ulrich Klenke - Chief Brand Officer
Wolfgang Kampbartold - VP International
Marketing Communications
Ayten Pekerman – Head of International Market
Maren Ruddat - International Market
Daniel Jaeger – Head of International Media
Ralf Luelsdorf – Head of International Music
Kathleen Karrer - International Music Marketing
Agency - Saatchi & Saatchi
Chairwoman & Global Chief Creative Officer - Kate Stanners
CCO - Guillermo Vega
ECDs - Franki Goodwin - ECD
William John - ECD (shoot)
Creatives (AD/Copywriter) - Copywriters: Mia Silverman & Francesco Grandi
Art Director: Mia Silverman
Saatchi Producer(s) - Nayab Malik – Senior Creative Producer
Ally Dean – Senior Producer
Jodie Sibson – Senior Producer
Planner(s) - Sam Wise – Head of Planning
Mathieu Abet – Planning Partner
Laura Pugh – Senior Planner
Business Lead - Clare Shaw - International Client Services DirectorAccount Team - Anne Schlicht – Business Leader
Terri Turner – Senior Account Director
Cali Fish – Account Manager
Designer(s) - Talveer Uppal – Design Lead
Nicholas Pires – Designer
Photographer - Vincent Haycock
Photographer's agency - Somesuch
Production company - Production Company: Somesuch
Producer: Elly Camisa
Exec Producer: Tash Tan
PM: Max Harrison
Costume Stylist: Larissa Bechtold
(LA Shoot)
LA Service Company: Somesuch LA
Line Producer: Youree Henley
Production Designer: Chris Jones
(Poland Shoot)
Poland Service Company: Papaya Films
Line Producer: Marta Spychalska
Production Designer: Paulina Szpila
Director - Vincent Haycock
DoP - Mátyás Erdély
Audio Post Production - Sound House: Factory
Sound Designer: Dan Beckwith
Post Production - Film Post Production Main Film: ETC
Producer: Jon Purton
Colourist: Luke Morrison
Film Post Production: Prodigious
Producer: Libby Orrett
Editor: Ben Matthews
Sound: Michael Powell
(media channels) - Online & Social Media
Media - emetriq, Hamburg,
WPP Team Magenta, Düsseldorf
Artist/Brand Relationship Management - Thorsten König, Miracle Music
Talent - Talent: Billie Eilish
Management: Danny Rukasin, Laura Ramsay,
Brandon Goodman (Best Friends Music)
Talent Creative Direction: Michelle An, Chelsea
Dodson (Interscope Records)
Talent Hair: Tammy Yi
Talent Makeup: Rob Rumsey
Talent Styling: Samantha Burkhart
Talent Styling Assistant: Damien Lloyd Regalado
Influencer management - Pulse Advertising
Daniela Kühr - Campaign Manager
Julia Ulatowska - Account Manager
Natalia Marcinkowska - Senior Key Account
Rona Schulz - Campaign Manger
Geraldine Ladewig - Senior Key Account Manager
PR - Proud Robinson + Partners
Lucy Boyd: Business Director
Lara McWilliam: Account Director
Joe Connolly: Senior Account Manager
Rebecca Ritchie: Junior Strategist
Cynthia Gilbertz: Account Executive
Tags: Europe, Billie Eilish, saatchi & saatchi, Deutsche Telekom, #WHATWEDONEXT

: 'One Love'

Date: August 2020
Focusing on the love of sport, and not necessarily the aspect of winning, proved prophetic for Oakley, with the high performance sunglasses brand today debuting a song and music video that have taken on new meaning amid the Covid-19 crisis.
A new music video from Oakley stars a dozen top athletes and features a remake of one of Bob Marley’s most beloved songs, One Love, performed by 2020 Brits Rising Star Award winner Celeste. It celebrates overcoming adversity and the individual relationships people have with sports.
Tags: World