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Cult Futures, the innovation arm of creative agency Cult, has revealed its debut mentorship initiative, titled Futures: Generation, which aims to demystify the industry, challenge nepotism and enable social serendipity. 

Cult‘s global managing director and co-founder, Bridey Lipscombe, said: “Generation is not only about advising talent of all kinds on accessing the industry, but also us agency-sourcing our contacts to enable their ambition.

“With networking events now all online, there is little opportunity for new talent to have a chance physical encounter with anyone from the industry. The psychological barrier to breaking into the creative sector has never been more acute and we aim to address that.” 

Conceived in the middle of lockdown, Futures: Generation was a response to the dearth of talent no longer having access to the internships, placements, new opportunities or career hops that once existed.

Cult‘s chief creative officer and co-founder, Cat Turner, said: “Offering virtual mentorships was something we were able to do immediately. The goal of Futures: Generation is to inspire new talent to rattle cages, find safe spaces to ask questions and embrace the unknown.

“Ideas are what fuels the creative economy, we have a responsibility to disrupt and innovate in a universe where technology and creativity are fast becoming one of the same thing. Our industry needs fresh perspectives to survive. The mentor/mentee relationship dynamic shifts over time – we are always learning from each other.” 

The mission of Futures: Generation is to assist new talent from all socio-economic backgrounds to progress and thrive in a safe space. The free, three-month virtual mentorship program is open to anyone passionate about the creative sectors.

Mentees will have access to anyone in the agency, be partnered with the best fit, be invited to bespoke events, workshops and networking. The first cohort comprises 30 mentees and September’s intake is almost full. 

Cult are now recruiting mentors from brands and the wider creative sector and accepting applications for mentees. Apply here

Art director at Cult,Hannah Smith, who is also a mentor and driving force behind Generation, says: “Mentoring has always been such an important part of my career progression and I whole-heartedly encourage everyone to have a guiding voice.

“Elevating voices and activating careers is one of the most important contributions an agency can make, we have a responsibility to provide a playing field that anyone can play on.”