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: 'The Great Meal'

Date: July 2020
'The great meal', the latest Coca-Cola anthem film that launches its new food communication platform, 'Together tastes better'.
Running in the US, the campaign will roll out to dozens of countries in the next weeks and months. Shot remotely during the lockdown, it showcases real families, couples, and housemates in their real households, cooking and eating their own food.
The Coca-Cola Company
Group Director Social Center & Prod IMC: Sarah Traverso
Integrated Marketing Comms Director: Guillermo Gimenez-Brotons
Coke IMC Director: Russ Mischner
VP Coke Trademark: Jaideep Kibe
Coke Brand Director: Erica Tuggle
IMC, Sr Producer: Rebecca Smith IMC,
Sr Producer: Jennifer Kramer
Anomaly Group
Creative Directors: Carlos Alija, Laura Sampedro
Creative Director: Dan Shapiro
Associate Creative Director: Harry Neville-Towle
Executive Producer: Jenn Pennington
Account Director: Alyssa Tacopino
Business Affairs Manager: Bianca Lauria
Director: Kim Gehrig
Executive Producer: Nicky Barnes
Head of Production: Michelle Stark
Producer: Lee Groombridge
Production Supervisor: Luke Thornton
Director's Assistant: Steve Shaw
Global DOP: James Laxton
Global Food Stylist: Katie Giovani
Tags: World

: 'Let's Not Go Back To Normal'

Date: July 2020
As lockdown restrictions around the world begin to ease, a new film from sexual wellbeing brand Durex has again called on people to not go back to normal – because normal wasn’t good enough.
The film reprises Durex’s empowering manifesto – first released in a series of executions in early May – which points to ‘norms’ such as shaming women who carry condoms, men not wearing them because they don’t like the ‘feel’ and one million preventable STIs every single day. It argues that the current crisis represents a unique chance to reset what is ‘normal’ – and that nobody should want to return to a normal where we weren’t protecting ourselves and each other anyway.
The film will be promoted globally, via organic and paid social posts across the world. It launches in Italy and Greece, with Russia and the UK to follow in the coming weeks ahead of further regional executions going live in-line with the easing of local lockdown restrictions.
Havas London
RB Global ECD: Elliot Harris
Copywriter: Greg Ormrod
Art director: Thomas Worthington 
Account team: Stephanie Smith, Global Brand Director; Ainhoa Wadsworth, Managing Partner; Nick Boyle, Business Director; Bella Macdonald, Senior Account Manager
Agency producer (film): Adam Henderson 
Strategy Partner: Chantelle Begley
Tubby Brother Films
Producer: Mark Gibbons
Director: Ben Tubby and Dan Tubby
Editor: Ben Tubby and Dan Tubby
Post-production: Time Based Arts
Producer: Mark Gibbons, Simone Grattarola
NO8 London  
Sound Engineer: Dave Williams
Sound Producer: Ollie Usher
Soundtrack composer: Neil Myers at Music Motion Productions
Tags: Europe

: '20-year Anniversary'

Date: July 2020
The BBC Sport website officially turns 20 years old on Friday 3 July, after becoming a dedicated sports service back in 2000.
The BBC News website, which started in 1997, had previously covered sport with a small team of journalists providing a limited number of stories and match reports.
Officially launched the morning after France had beaten Italy to win Euro 2000, the BBC Sport website’s approach back then to online sports reporting was more newspaper-like, with events reported on only after they had been completed – no live text commentaries or streaming video. Two decades later and the website has gone from strength to strength, live streaming major sporting events, attracting around 21.3m UK users per week, with millions more visiting from overseas and through BBC Sport content on social media.
Tags: UK
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: 'Pride Constitution'

Date: July 2020
Brazil has one of the world's largest LGBTQI+ populations, with more than 20 million people – or almost 10% of the country's total identifying as part of the community.
However, it is also the country with the worst rate of violence against this population, with a death recorded every 19 hours. Despite the approval by the Federal Supreme Court of the bill that classifies homophobia as a crime, on June 13, 2019, the situation has not improved much ever since. According to a survey by the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper, 92.5% of the LGBTQI+ population reports that violence has increased.
In order to reinforce the government's commitment to protecting its citizens and the sovereignty of the Brazilian Constitution, São Paulo's Brazil Bar Association's (OAB-SP) Diversity Commission released this week the Pride Constitution. Created by the SunsetDDB agency, the project uses the design and colors of the LGBTQI+ flag to highlight that the Brazilian Constitution already has several rights that should protect this population, but these are unknown to and violated by a significant portion of the Brazilian population and government.
Agency: SunsetDDB
Campaign name: Pride Constitution
Advertiser: São Paulo's Brazil Bar Association's (OAB-SP) Commission on Sexual and Gender Diversity
Co-presidents: Guilherme Jahara and Pipo Calazans
CCO: Guilherme Jahara and Carlão Fonseca
ECD: Guiga Giacomo
Creative Director: Marilu Rodrigues
Copywriters: Filipe Rosado and Kiko Borger
Art Director: Felipe Revite
Designer: Felipe Revite
UX: Ricardo Schreiner
Social Media Strategy: Gabi Campagnuci and Gustavo Fernandes
Social Media Copy: Gustavo Fernandes and João Pedro Oliveira
Account Executive: Thaís Picelli
Audiovisual Production Directors: Giuliano Springhetti and Rodrigo Luchini
RTV Producer: Carolina Araújo
Client's Approval: Marina Ganzarolli and Luanda Pires
Support: David Miranda
Influencers' Advisory: Tulom
Influencers' Strategy: David Miranda
Still Photo: Auge Photography
Photographer: Marcelo Auge
Video Maker: Rodrigo Dias
Graphic Production: Miolo & Produceria
Web Development: BRAVE
Film Production: Dietrich TV
Direction: Gabriel Dietrich
Director of Photography: André Alves
Production Director: Soraia Santiago
Object Production: Mariana Vieira
Makeup: Juliana Vacaro
Chief Electrician: Carlos Alberto Ferreira
Dolly Grip: Adilson Pinheiro
Arrangers: Rafael Mesquiara, Nathan Sanches, Andre Avila, Pamela Maranhão and Junior Muniz
Motion Studio: Motionhand
Motion Designer: Estevão Puggina
Audio Production: Loud
Producer // Conductor: Marcos Vaz, Henrique Guimarães and Bernardo Massot
Audio finishing: Luca Fasano, Bernardo Massot, André Gianinni and Eduardo Barbosa
Voiceover: Taty Dal Campo Bello
Account Services Team: Priscilla Miranda, Karina Amabile, Jin Jhu Park and Eduardo Bernardo
Coordination: Rafael Silvestrini, Ingrid Mabelle, Paloma Sol anda Douglas Freitas
Tags: Brazil

: '#WombStories'

Date: July 2020
An iconoclast breaking taboos, Bodyform has once again struck the right chord on how to approach the subject of periods and a women's cycle in a way that is empowering and free from shame. 
Created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, the 'Viva La Vula' follow-up #WombStories paints a relatable picture of the ins and outs of menstruation and it's all-encompassing control of women's bodies. 
Covering IVF treatment, endometriosis cramps, menopausal hot flushes, and first periods, the various womb stories are illustrated by an eclectic mix of animations that work to demonstrate the complex relationship a woman has with her little lady. 
In each storyline, little relatable snippets shine through; a woman plucks her nipple hair, another has her new knickers ruined by period blood, while a new mother nurses her baby dressed in postpartum underwear. Although small in the greater scheme of things, Bodyform has dared to include things most brands would shy away from showing. Only this year, the Oscar's rejected a postnatal advert for Frida Mom as it deemed the narrative of a woman changing her mesh underwear 'too graphic' for its TV viewers. 
Tags: UK

: 'Premium Duo'

Date: July 2020
Spotify has launched 'Premium Duo' - a first-of-its-kind subscription plan for couples living at the same address that will allow them to enjoy their favorite content—together and separately. 
To create a buzz for the Premium Duo launch, it has created a TV spot that captures real-life couples waxing lyrical about their taste in music -- and lovingly putting their self-reflections to the test. Who deserves the title of “Music Aficionado”? How does he really feel about his partner blasting Christmas music in July? And with 73% of couples saying they listen to music together as a way of remembering happy memories, this spot also shows the unique unifying power of music.
But here’s the twist: Spotify is letting puppets do the talking. To do this, it partnered with Buenos Aires-based production company, Tronco, to bring the stories to the screen, transporting viewers to a land of cubed blue heads and pink mustaches, adding the right mix of zaniness and delight to the testimonials as only puppets can.
Tags: United States

: 'Beauty is Effortless'

Date: July 2020
London based design agency Free The Birds has created a new brand identity and positioning for FFS, the UK’s first and biggest direct-to-consumer women’s shaving brand. The new identity will be rolled out across the brand’s assets through July 2020.
Free the Birds updated the FFS logo and introduced a new, premium aesthetic using a distinctive white geometric pattern on a pastel colour palette, enhanced by an accent of a darker, richer colour. A new tagline, “Beauty should be effortless,” reflects the brand’s ethos: to make beauty routines and purchases easier through a subscription service delivering quality products.
Agency: Free The Birds
Partner & Communications Director: Paul Domenet
Partner & Creative Director: Nick Vaus
Design Director: Matt Gilpin
Designer: Katie Harbord
Account Director: Emily Mills
Tags: UK, FFS Beauty, Free The Birds, beauty, women's beauty shaving brand, re-brand

: 'The Great Reset'

Date: July 2020
Companies from across the UK’s creative industry have come together to launch The Great Reset, an initiative that hopes to maintain and promote the positive behaviours and environmental shifts created during lockdown.
Global emissions have decreased by 7% thanks to lockdown, which the UN states is the same annual reduction required to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees. As the world starts to ‘reopen’ and return to a ‘new normal’, there is a small yet urgent window of opportunity not to let this progress slide.
A new poll conducted for The Great Reset through OnePulse shows that only 23% of the population believe post-lockdown advertising should encourage people to consume, shop and fly like before, while 77% think it is the creative industry’s responsibility to encourage people to behave more sustainability, as we have in lockdown. The Great Reset aims to harness this moment in time, and provide an opportunity to ‘reset’ and create work that meets the desire of 77% of the population and is in the best interests of both mankind and the future of our planet.
Client: The Purpose Disruptors
Creative Agnency: Iris
Art Direction:
Lolly Morris
Phil Scaman
David Missen
Grant Hunter
Lou Bogue
Ben Essen
Managing Partner:
Amy Bryson
Producers :
Sam Eggleton
Ruby Hill
Alex Burton (Lead)
Al Dunford
Rebecca Ransom
Lolly Morris
Jess Leonard
Oskah Manchip
Diego Enterria
Ted Chiddle
Darren Mael
Ryan Mitchell
Brand Development:
Felipe Ribeiro
Lolly Morris
Will Timney
Oskah Manchip
Roger Norris
Phil Scaman
Gavin Colwill
Andrei Andresscu
Yang Wong
Owen Blacker
Music and Sound: Gas
Tags: UK

: 'Be More Rainbow '

Date: July 2020
As the country grapples with important social issues and moves out of lockdown and into a new kind of normal, the campaign aims to remind viewers of the need to carry on being community-minded, to be kind to each other and to Stay Safe - all in a typically Channel 4 way.
4Creative, Channel 4’s in-house creative agency is behind the Stay Safe #BeMoreRainbow film that features an animated 80s-style sparkly rainbow. Viewers meet ‘Rainbow’ – who recites how busy he’s been representing both the NHS and Pride whilst also standing up for all communities during the Covid pandemic. He’s exhausted and calls on people to just be kind - #BeMoreRainbow
The campaign will run across Channel 4’s portfolio of TV and social channels and follows on from the broadcaster’s wider #StayAtHome and #StaySafe activities. These included the We Need Your Butt / #StayAt Home film that was run at the start of lockdown to amplify the important public health message to Stay Home, Save Lives.
The release of the film coincides with the 72ndanniversary of the NHS on Sunday 5th July and is an additional way of saying thanks, as people around the country gather for one last nationwide applause. It also nods to a move out of lockdown as parts of the country start to lift restrictions further this weekend.
Campaign Title - #BeMoreRainbow
On-Air / Off-Air / Digital / Social -      On-Air & Social
Executive Creative Director: Lynsey Atkin
Creative Director: Eoin McLaughlin
Creatives: Andy Shrubsole & Scott Taylor
Head of Production: Miketta Lane
Executive Producer:    Shananne Lane
Producer: Rory MacLean & Fiona Wright
VFX: Blinkink
Tags: UK

: 'Coffee Morning'

Date: July 2020
Macmillan Cancer Support is launching a campaign to encourage the public to take part in the Coffee Morning fundraising event.
Created by AMV BBDO, the agency’s first work since winning the account dramatises that nothing, not even a global pandemic, stops the annual Macmillan Coffee Morning.
The TV, digital, and radio campaign breaks on 6 July and runs until the end of September to highlight that, as treatments have been delayed, Macmillan’s work has never been more vital and neither has the fundraising generated by the Coffee Morning, now in its 30th year.
AMV’s campaign, which encourages people to hold different kinds of coffee mornings for the post-COVID world, and to do whatever it takes to get involved, makes a virtue of lockdown shooting conditions, blending live action with myriad animations styles, developed together with London studio Blinkink.
Client name & job title: Anthony Newman – Director of Response Marketing; Emma Guise – Director of Brand and Communications; Abby Solomon – Interim Head of National Marketing (Fundraising);
Head of Brand Advertising: Joanna Juber
Gabby Greaves – Marketing Manager
Creative Agency: AMV BBDO
Creative Directors: Andy Clough, Rich McGrann
Copywriter: Dan Warner
Art Director: Andy Vasey
Agency Planner: Tom White, Nicola Willison
Agency Account Team: Alex Bird, Rachel Dymond, Angela Kwashie
Agency Producer: Sophie Honour
Media Agency: Zenith
Production Company: Blinkink
Director: Chris Bristow and Sam Gainsborough
Executive Producer – Bart Yates
Producer: Georgina Fillmore
Live PM - Sophie Peskin
PA - Molly Turner
Compositors - John Moore, Brad Purnell, Theo Nunn
Edit - Mdhamiri Nkemi, Tom Fisher
2D - Freya Hotson, Andrew Clarke
DOP - Joe Gainsborough
Casting - Emily Tilelli
Props - Isobel Irwin
Post-production Company: Framestore
Business Affairs: Cate Killeen
Audio Post-production: String & Tins
Tags: UK, amv bbdo, Macmillan Cancer Support