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briefThe past week has been tough as we confront head-on the systematic racism that plagues our country and, yes, this industry. Agencies, comprised of predominantly white staff, are under scrutiny to drive meaningful change through detailed plans of action.

One thing has become clear from all our reporting: The industry can’t let the critical conversations that are finally occurring on race fizzle out. This isn’t the time to close doors but open them wide. 

Don’t go forward with empty words

Gary J. Nix, a marketing strategy executive, shared some thoughts on brands that are “worried about their messaging” right now. As Ad Age has been documenting, there have been a slew of brands and agencies that have responded to the nationwide protests. But is it enough?

“Everyone is worried about their messaging,” Nix says in a video posted to LinkedIn. “Now here’s the thing that should be obvious: messaging without action means nothing.”

He goes on to criticize industry leaders for historically “dancing around” the issue of race instead of addressing it outright. Nix calls out the agencies and brands that have in the past tried to avoid conversations on race but assures that they “are coming” with or without their permission.

Watch the video, which Nix says will not be the last from him, below.