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Welcome to the top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about right now.

5. Pornhub: ‘Keep it SFW,’ Officer & Gentleman

Just when we thought Zoom comedy was over, along comes Pornhub with a reminder about proper video-conferencing etiquette.


4. Dove: ‘#MyHairMyWay,’ Ogilvy Paris

Though user-generated content in pandemic ads has gotten tired, Dove made hilarious use of it in this film from Ogilvy Paris, highlighting home hairdo fails.


3. Wieden+Kennedy Asiancy: ‘Call it COVID-19’

Wieden+Kennedy’s Asiancy affinity group jumped in to fight anti-Asian discrimination during the coronavirus crisis with this powerful spoken-word film asking viewers to label the virus with its real name and not through a racist lens.


2. Cox Communications: ‘Connections Project,’ 180 L.A.

Cox Communications and 180 L.A. were behind this touching, useful platform that aims to help elderly people who are suffering from loneliness during the pandemic. It consists of an initiative that taps Cox employees to check in on seniors on a daily basis through phone calls, as well as a virtual rec center that allows them to enjoy their favorite activities together again, online. The campaign was promoted by two heartfelt films directed by Josh Nussbaum of M ssng P eces.


1. Nike: ‘Just Don’t Do It,’ Wieden+Kennedy, Portland

Nike was among the first brands to stand up against racial injustice following George Floyd’s death with this ad that brings a twist to its famous tagline and says, “For once, just don’t do it.”


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