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In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, LifeBridge Health, the leading health services organization in Maryland and its movement marketing agency StrawberryFrog, shot a short film inside one of Lifebridge‘s hospitals in Baltimore with real health-care workers.

The 60-second film was shot on the frontlines inside LifeBridge Health with real caregivers as they came off their shift. Each of the caregivers were asked to step inside a 'care booth' at the end of their shifts to show them exhausted, human and raw.

As the film progresses and each caregiver begins to shed their protective gear, we see them transition to their most vulnerable. Supers bring home the message: ‘Under the masks and protective gear are the ones who care bravely. Stay Apart. Save a life. Care Bravely.‘?

Conveying that staying home could save someone's life. “We wanted to represent the sacrifice, courage and determination of frontline healthcare workers in this moment – in their most raw and stark form. It’s this realness which both honors their work and makes the spot so distinctive," says Brian Deffaa, chief marketing officer of Lifebridge Health.

“The production was much more emotional than I expected,” says Tyler DeAngelo, executive creative director and partner of StrawberryFrog. “Watching these health-care workers in real-time, right off their shift shed their protective gear moved me in a way I hadn't anticipated. Even though I knew what the message was about, I don’t think I fully understood how important it was until I saw these vulnerable people who only moments earlier had been fighting for other people’s lives.”

The film was shot on location with National Geographic photographer, anthropologist, and Pulitzer Center grantee Joshua Cogan whose work is currently on exhibit at the Smithsonian and is recognized by the National Academy of Television and Sciences. Cogan, who was shooting at Northwest Hospital, a LifeBridge Health facility, worked with hospital staff to ensure his safety as well those working with him following all Covid-19 safety protocols, to shoot each LifeBridge Health caregiver as they finished their shift.

The StrawberryFrog team were simultaneously on a live video feed to provide direction and watch the footage being captured in real-time. The spot is currently in market in the Baltimore area now as part of Covid-19 communications aimed to tout the importance of social distancing.

The ad is the third in the series sparked off by ‘Care Bravely Faces,’ in which the employees and patients of LifeBridge Health talk to us about the importance of brave care. StrawberryFrog is working closely with the management of LifeBridge Health to continue evolving this campaign moving forward and will constantly shift the focus and tweak the style of the work.

The video can be viewed here. LifeBridge Health launched the Care Bravely movement in 2019. To date the movement has helped change the culture inside the organization and helped LifeBridge Health be recognized as one of the best places to work in 2019. It has generated results among people both inside and outside the organization.