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Ad Age 20-Minute Takes is a virtual event series tackling how marketers and buyers can, or should, adjust their strategies in the current climate. Leading executives from Verizon Media are on hand to share their expertise and insights in this cut-to-the-chase series designed to inform, then get you on with your day.

Up first: News, trust and brand safety in the age of COVID-19. Amid a barrage of fake news and misinformation, readers around the world are turning to trusted news sources for reliable facts as well as recipes, entertainment and productivity tips aimed at at-home audiences. Yet the term “coronavirus“ is atop many advertiser blacklists, even as an increasing number tout purpose-driven efforts.

What impact may showing up within heavy news have on a brand? How can marketers adjust their strategies to ensure they’re reaching users in a meaningful way? Join Ad Age President and Publisher Josh Golden and Verizon Media's Head of Premium Sales and Strategy, Marinn Jackson, for a quick, but in-depth discussion on how brands can move forward during this unprecedented time.