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When’s the last time you communicated with your team? For many companies, the traditional one-way street of information has evolved to value conversation and in-depth communication with teams, and they’re winning as a result.

In an evolving workplace, communicating effectively is of paramount importance. Simply passing information to your front line from the top leaves employees feeling disenfranchised and disposable, and leaves you vulnerable to missing essential employee insight. In today’s world, conversation is key.

In their recent webinar, The Drum in partnership with Workplace from Facebook explored the range of ways effective communication can propel your brand and business to success. Hosted by Michael Nutley in conversation with Cyrus Akrami, former head of EMEA marketing for the Workplace from Facebook team, this Drumcast took a deep dive into the power of community, and just why it’s so important to create an environment that your team is an active part of. 

Listen to the DrumCast above