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: 'Equality Spell Check'

Date: March 2020
When it comes to equality in the workplace, the MENA region lags far behind the rest of the world, losing an estimated $575bn per year due to the social barriers that women face at work. It’s an issue Lenovo is deeply committed to, so the brand worked with Wunderman Dubai to create an awareness campaign to highlight the issue as an initiative for International Women’s Day.
It was from that realization that Wunderman conceived the Equality Spell Check, using Microsoft Word - a program people use every day at work - as a medium to deliver their message and teach about gender equality in the workplace in an innovative way.
The Wunderman team combined data and hard-hitting facts to develop a plug-in for MS Word which highlighted seemingly positive everyday workplace words as incorrect. When clicked on, the alternative definition of these words for women was revealed through hard-hitting facts about gender inequality in the workplace
By modifying the most used program in the world, Lenovo sought to modify people’s behavior and open the conversation about gender equality in the workplace. Now, many other companies in the region are joining this cause and installing Equality Spell Check in their offices.
Agency: Wunderman Dubai / Beirut
Executive Creative Director: Pablo Maldonado
Creative Team: Saymon Medeiros, Dina Alsharif, Waleed Bachnak
Designer: Erick Canedo
Head of Strategy: Álvaro Bretel
Social Media Director: Hisham Othman
Tech development: Jaafar Serhan
Developer: Jalal Wehbi
UI UX Designer: Diogo Borges
Videographer: Angélica Tenorio
Editors: Soheil Magdi, Valerie Pinto
Sr. Account Director: Irmak Aktas, Layal Azar
Account Manager: Lara Medanat
Account Executive: Kalid Elali, Ioanna Mavroeidi, Manon Gobet
CMO Lenovo: Claire Carter
Marketing Manager Lenovo: Bushra Nasr
Tags: Middle East
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: 'Insurance for the Rest of Us'

Date: March 2020
Joan Creative is expanding SafeAuto’s 'Insurance for the Rest of Us' campaign, launched earlier this year, by doing just what the slogan promises: spreading the word about how the often overlooked everyday consumer can benefit from SafeAuto’s state minimum auto insurance.
The campaign, which started with major broadcast buys in January, now features new content across multiple channels, designed to reach a diverse group of consumers. From billboards enticing consumers to “Sign up for a month or forever,” to a 30 second video spot called “open relationships,” the new assets comically tap into consumers’ desire for flexibility and build upon the initial broadcast campaign.
In a send-up of the earnest talking head format, used by insurance and financial brands, SafeAuto’s campaign features a truly honest take, which often results in uncomfortable moments and 'TMI.' For example, in one of the new video spots, a young woman says she enjoys “experiencing new things, being spontaneous, going against the grain…[and]…open relationships” – to the sudden and visible shock of her partner accompanying her. “It’s a good thing SafeAuto understands my insurance needs are month-to-month so I can come and go as I please,” she says, as the heartfelt soaring strings, that typically accompany customer testimonials in this segment, play in the background.
In another video spot, called 'Odd Jobs,' an odd job enthusiast and former “balloon artist” and “dog masseuse” explains how SafeAuto’s low down payment offering supports consumers with unique working situations that may not know where their next payment is coming from. 
Joan’s radio ads developed for SafeAuto play off of consumers’ enthusiasm for flexible auto insurance. In one spot – 'New Business Idea' – two overzealous men try to start a business just like SafeAuto only seconds after hearing how the company is disrupting the category. In another spot, a couple contemplates naming their child “SafeAuto.”
February’s new content also includes video spots in Spanish to better reach Hispanic audiences. One new video spot, entitled 'Queen of Coupons,' featuring an affectionate Spanish-speaking Hispanic couple, the wife says she plans to use her savings for her husband's cosmetic needs.
The newly launched OOH and digital assets complete Joan’s “Insurance for the Rest of Us” campaign launch as SafeAuto’s recently announced agency-of-record, helping to recruit even more new members into the SafeAuto tribe. 
Agency: JOAN Creative
CEO: Lisa Clunie
CCO: Jaime Robinson
ECD: Dan Lucey
ACD: Bryce Hooton
Copywriter/Hispanic Market: Roberto Lastra
CSO: Magnus Blair
Managing Director: Sarah Collinson
Strategist: Hannah Lewman
Head Of Production: Daniel Marin
Executive Producer: Melissa Tifrere 
Director Of Creative Services: Becca Patrick 
Production Company: JOAN Studios
Director: Abigail Horton
Editorial: JOAN Studios
Editor: Craig Holzer & Bernardo Revilla 
Sound: Sam Schaffer
Music: Duotone
Color: JOAN Studios
Colorist: Carlos Flores
Tags: United States
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: 'Night Workers'

Date: March 2020
The people who work the night shift often go unnoticed, toiling as road maintenance workers, hospital staff, supermarket stockers and other often thankless jobs. McDonald’s is shining a light on those unsung workers with a spot that appreciates their sometimes thankless efforts.
McDonald's and Leo Burnett London teamed up on ‘Night Workers’, celebrating the millions of people working throughout the night in the UK and Ireland that most of us never see, but are appreciated because of their hard work.
The spot starts with an alarm going off at 11pm as an invisible human is seen getting up and ready for the day. In each scene, the jobs that night workers do – including looking after patients in hospitals, maintaining roads, re-stocking supermarkets and driving cabs – are highlighted but the workers themselves are invisible.
As the spot reaches its end, a road crew walks through a McDonald’s doorway for a break and suddenly becomes visible in their safety gear. The spot emphasizes that the doors of McDonald’s are always open, ready to welcome them.
Leo Burnett London
Chief Creative Officer 
Chaka Sobhani
Agency contact job title
Chloe Siddall – Business Director
Jack Brenman – Account Director
Alice Pavey – Account Manager
Gabriella Kaas – Account Executive
Emily Green – Project Director
Pete Heyes – Creative Director
Rory Hall – Senior Creative
Steph Ellis – Senior Creative
Lou Pegg – Senior Producer
Joe Beveridge – Senior Planner
Thomas Schofield – Junior Planner
Client name
Client job title
Ben Fox – Director of Brand, Experience & Media
Hannah Pain – Marketing Manager
Emma O’Neill – Assistant Brand Manager
Joe Light – Campaign Assistant 
Rory Hall
Art director
Steph Ellis
Production Company
Rogue Films
Sam Brown
Media agency
Media planner
Laurence Ruthven – Client Leadership Account Director
Eleonora Sceusi – Client Leadership Account Manager
Jessie Field – Communications Planner
Production company
Sam Brown
Audio Post Production
Sam Ashwell at 750mph
Post Production 
The Mill
Tags: UK
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: 'High & Low'

Date: March 2020
Cadbury is countering the commercialization of Easter with a timely reminder that the seasonal holiday is an opportunity to show our generosity and not just an excuse for gratuitous gluttony.
‘Show you care, hide it’ spices up the act of giving by encouraging the nation to hide their chocolate treat in an out of the way sweet spot rather than simply hand it over in person, rekindling some of the fun and excitement of search and discovery.
Created by VCCP the 40-second egg hunt shows a grandfather depositing purple eggs around his flat ahead of a visit from his grandchildren, who promptly scatter around the house to track down the concealed treats.
Tags: UK

: 'Where There Are Cooks, There Is Hope'

Date: March 2020
Lurpak is launching a campaign to encourage people across the globe to take up their spatulas and cook good food from scratch.
In 2020, we all know what it feels like to have the weight of the world resting upon our shoulders. And yet, heroes are closer to home than we thought.
Further cementing Lurpak’s reputation as the Champion of Good Food, the campaign reminds us that every moment in the kitchen is an opportunity to make a difference, and a cooks’ impact on the world can be greater than we think -‘Where There Are Cooks, There Is Hope’.
Tags: Europe