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Lurpak has demonstrated its hunger for kitchen dominance with the launch of a delicious advertising campaign designed to inspire home cooks to don their aprons and start producing dishes of their own.

The Danish butter brand is building on its self-penned label as the Champion of Good Food by positioning the humble kitchen as the engine room of change with Where There Are Cooks, There is Hope.

Devised by Wieden + Kennedy the fun minute-long advert will run across the UK, Australia, Greece and Scandinavia, setting taste buds tingling in concert with associated print, digital and social advertising.

A voiceover by ‘Food God’ Mikael Persbrandt exhorts viewers to pick up their spatulas and sate their cravings by rustling up some home-cooked delicacies.

Christian Fischer, Lurpak vice president at Arla Foods, said: “Lurpak’s new campaign is bringing a much-needed sense of hope back into kitchens across the world.

“Families that cook are proven to have better relationships, cooks reduce food waste, they make healthy delicious, and can even cure the dreaded
hangover - ‘Where There Are Cooks, There Is Hope’ celebrates how cooks can have a positive impact on the world around them and wants to inspire more people to cook.”

Tom Bender and Tom Corcoran, Creatives at W+K London, added: “It’s scary working on such an iconic brand that has defined an entire category. However, aligning Lurpak with a higher purpose helps give the work a more meaningful connection to its audience while continuing to expand its distinctive brand world.”

Wieden + Kennedy closed out the 2010’s on a high after being named as The Drum editorial team’s agency of the decade, an honour bestowed in recognition of the agencies unique contributions to the past decade; greased in large part by Lurpak.

: 'Where There Are Cooks, There Is Hope'

Date: March 2020

Lurpak is launching a campaign to encourage people across the globe to take up their spatulas and cook good food from scratch.

In 2020, we all know what it feels like to have the weight of the world resting upon our shoulders. And yet, heroes are closer to home than we thought.

Further cementing Lurpak’s reputation as the Champion of Good Food, the campaign reminds us that every moment in the kitchen is an opportunity to make a difference, and a cooks’ impact on the world can be greater than we think -‘Where There Are Cooks, There Is Hope’.

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