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Stodge Podge will celebrate a decade of change in the UK's regional creative scene at its 10th annual meetup in Manchester this week.

One of the hallmarks of the networking event is the unique theme it adopts each year, and this time round it is 'celebrating our 10-year stretch'. Posters created by Intermarketing Agency show industry luminaries from the north, including Stodge founder Phil Jones, serving time behind cell doors.

During the event, a special poem written by Mike Garry for the 25th anniversary of Podge itself will also be read by the author. 

Featured in the special campaign for the 10th anniversary of Stodge are Jones and fellow director of the event, Clare Jones; Simon Long, executive creative director at Intermarketing Agency; Viktorija Grigorjevaite, founder of Sane Seven; Malcolm Garrett, artistic director at Design Manchester; John Haggis, founding partner at Kepler Wolf; Karl Barker, CEO and founder of Cube3; Alasdair Scott, co-founder at C3UK and Ben Rudman, COO of Be Heard Group.

Phil Jones
Podge founder Phil Jones
Alasdair Scott, co-founder at C3UK
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The Stodge lunch will take place at Harvey Nichols in Manchester on Friday as it has over the last decade.