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No matter how clever or cutting edge your digital video content is, it’s virtually worthless without accurate metrics to measure its success.

At the Digiday Video Advertising Summit in Palm Springs, California, we asked ad executives about their confidence in the current state of digital video metrics. Their opinions varied when it comes to the present, but these leaders from Ciceron, Deutsch, Direct Agents and M/Six all agree that the future of metrics can only be brighter.

Here are some highlights:


  • Andrew Eklund, founder & CEO, Ciceron, believes that wherever there is a problem — whether it’s from a privacy standpoint, identity verification or ad fraud — there are people willing to solve it.
  • Lauren Tetuan, head of media, Deutsch, doesn’t have a lot of confidence in the current state of digital video metrics. While she’s concerned that frequency is not measured holistically and that we’re not always doing the right level of cross-device measurement, Tetuan is optimistic that things will get better — even if it’s an uphill battle.
  • Dinesh Boaz, creative director and co-founder, Direct Agents, feels that to some extent the industry has gotten better at making sure brand safety and viewability are measured correctly, but acknowledges that ad fraud is still a present threat.
  • James Chanter, senior partner, M/Six, feels that the answer to the question depends on what you’re looking to find. Basic metrics, such as engagement and click-through rates, might be easy to measure, but when it comes to thinking beyond that — such as measuring whether someone is engaging with your content or website post-video — there is still a lot of work to be done.

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