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To help Australians get over the holiday blues, Luxury Escapes has launched a lab experience in Melbourne.

The experiential activity will be live until March 7 and hopes to lift Australians from the sadness that the summer holiday months are over by helping them find holiday ideas.

Experiential agency Grafitti, which led the project, based the concept on the insight that 60% of Australians feel a ‘sense of dread’ when going back to work after the break.

The lab concept allowed people to discover their own preferences through a set of experiences design around touch, taste and sound. Based on their selections, Luxury Escapes will create a personalised luxury holiday package for them.

Luxury Escapes chief executive officer Cameron Holland, said: “The Holiday Lab offers visitors the chance to design their own dream holiday through a range of interactive and immersive sensory experiences. As consumers engage with each experience, their responses are tracked through a custom-developed algorithm that helps build the consumer’s personalised travel persona and profile, offering them a tailored ‘remedy’ for post-holiday blues.  

“We’re known for our team of travel experts who spend months finding the best holiday experiences, personally testing them, and negotiating the best end to end travel experiences for our customers, and the Holiday Lab brings this curatorial approach to life in real life,” Holland concluded. 



Kerrie Spaargaren, managing director, Graffiti Experiential, said that the brief gave the agency a unique chance to blend offline and online. 

“We aimed to upgrade the traditional concept of a pop-up store and create an idea which would stand out from the crowd. The Holiday Lab is beautifully surprising, interactive and hyper-personalised. Each patron is evaluated based on their sensory responses and served an amazing Luxury Escapes package that matches those responses,” she said.

Throughout the experience, the lab will be promoted through PR activity, including competitions and giveaways.

: 'Holiday Lab'

Date: February 2020
For the first time, online travel company Luxury Escapes are prescribing a tangible remedy for the post-holiday blues; unveiling the world’s first ‘Holiday Lab’, via experiential agency Graffiti.  
Based on the consumer insight that over 60% of Australians report feeling a ‘sense of dread’ on returning to the office after a break, Graffiti was charged with creating an experience that helped consumers get over their holiday blues.
To address the issues, Graffiti created “The Holiday Lab”, an interactive pop-up store to showcase holiday experiences through touch, taste and sound.
Graffiti is part of WPP AUNZ Australasia’s leading creative transformation group.
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