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Data is changing the way we live. It enables businesses to fulfill people’s genuine needs and desires. However, a whopping 92% of consumers have concerns about the amount of data companies and brands have collected about them, according to new research from Microsoft.

The Drum, in partnership with Microsoft, at The Drum Pub in Austin during SXSW will be discussing how brands can use this consumer data more progressively.

The panel will be moderated by The Drum’s associate editor Sonoo Singh and will feature top industry experts including Microsoft’s head of evangelism for search Christi Olson, iProspect’s VP of innovation Jeremy Hull, and senior director-global consumer relationships and engagement at Kimberly-Clark, Josh Blacksmith. The panel will explore why brands must go further than just adhering to GDPR in order to rebuild consumer trust, and how creating more meaningful products can transform a brand’s perception.   

Consumers expect brands to keep their data safe from leaks and have their best interests at heart, and this panel will analyze the challenges of balancing the creation of a more personalized, frictionless experience, with the increasing call to treat data with more dignity. Can this ever truly be achieved? And if so, how?

Looking deeper into their new report’s findings, Microsoft’s Olson will also discuss how consumers differ in their attitudes around data and privacy from region-to-region. And there will be a further focus on how age makes a difference when it comes to attitudes around the idea of brand loyalty.

Increasingly, marketers are seeing the benefits in a value exchange, where a brand offers a reward in exchange for data, and this will also be a hot topic of discussion.

This free-to-attend, thought-provoking session will take place on Monday March 16th from 3PM – 4PM at The Drum Pub, which is located right on Sixth Street at San Jac Saloon. If you would like to attend then please register here.

Learn more about what panels and special events we have going on at the pub Sunday, March 15- Monday, March 16.  We hope to see you there.