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The Asian Food Network has used some of its top talents to help create recipes with a twist, using plastic to show the plight of animals harmed by human waste.

The food channel has partnered with wildlife charity WWF to create a series of recipes that feature surprising ingredients, like shredded plastic cups.

The idea behind the campaign is to shock foodies into having a better understanding of the damage plastic is causing, forcing people into thinking about what they can do to save the environment.

The ads are part of an ongoing campaign called ‘You Plastic Diet’, which aims to promote a treaty around plastic pollution, led by the WWF.

Says Kim Stengert, chief of strategic communication and external relations at WWF-Singapore:  “The only way we are going to stem the flow of plastic into nature is at a global level, a Paris Climate Agreement, but against plastic pollution. From the G20 to the UN Assembly, the ‘Plastic Diet’ is now a constant reminder to policy and decision-makers everywhere that urgent action is needed, and that over 1.6m people from 180 countries are counting on them to agree on a globally binding treaty on plastic.”

The TV ads, created by Grey Malaysia, will feature across the Asian Food Network in 30 and 60-second slots, across Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Taiwan.

Commenting on the collaboration, Graham Drew, executive creative director of Grey Malaysia: “It’s hard to think of a better partner to highlight the fact that plastic is now in almost everything we eat and drink than Asia’s largest food network, it’s brilliant to have their support.  Your Plastic Diet reveals a shocking truth, but importantly gives the public an active role in making the changes the world’s governments need to make.”  

The ads include Sarah Benjamin frying Spicy Clams with a shredded plastic cup, Sherson Lian cooking up a comforting oyster porridge with chopped plastic plate,  Debbie Wong baking soy sauce sea bass with granulated plastic straws and a DIY video recipe on how to make Basil Prawns with a sliced plastic bottle.

: 'Plastic Diet'

Date: February 2020
Asia’s largest TV and Online food channel, the Asian Food Network (AFN) is shocking food lovers into action to help save the environment in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).   A series of filmed episodes sees Celebrity chefs cooking delicious food such as Soy Sauce Sea Bass and Spicy Clams before adding plastic items like shredded water bottles and grated plastic straws to the food.   
The recipes are the latest work in an ongoing campaign created by Grey Malaysia, ‘Your Plastic Diet’, which was launched last year to help WWF lobby for a globally binding treaty on plastic pollution. The campaign raises awareness on how plastic pollution has led to particles of microplastic being ingested by people all over the world.  The specially commissioned study with The University of Newcastle found that people could be consuming on average five grams of plastic a week, the same as eating a credit card.
Grey Team
Graham Drew, Executive Creative Director
Andrew Fong, Creative Director
Heng Thang Wei, Creative Director
Selva Ganapathy, Copywriter
Kevin Wong, Art Director
Ralve Khor, Art Director
Suzy Chiang, Producer
Jo Yau, General Manager
Marcus SK, Brand Director
Vivian Khoo, Account Executive
Huma Qureshi,  PR & Corp Comms APAC
Production Team
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Glass Fin (KL)
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